Young Greens support exam board strike

The youth and student wing of the Green Party of England and Wales – the Young Greens – have come out in support of the ongoing strike by AQA examination board workers. AQA staff have been on strike over pay since August 17, with the walkout set to continue until August 28.

The workers are represented by the public sector union UNISON, which rejected a 3 per cent wage offer. With inflation more than three times that amount, the employer’s offer is a significant wage cut in real terms. AQA staff received a pay rise of 0.6% last year, again representing a pay cut in real terms.

UNISON alleged staff were threatened with dismissal if they refused to accept the pay deal.

The Young Greens said all students benefit when those working in the education sector are valued and paid a fair wage.

Finn White, Under 18 officer for the Young Greens, said: “I want to express my full solidarity with the AQA strikers. There may be a disturbance of my own exam results; people who work hard for exam boards deserve respect and a living wage.

Dylan Lewis Creser, Head of Equality and Diversity at the Young Greens, said: “As a student who took his A-levels this year (including two with AQA), I understand the frustration that this may cause ; but we must remember that the greater good is for the workers and we will get our results in time.

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