Xbox Design Lab Controller Customization Features

While companies that make consoles tend to offer their own colorful variations of their hardware, it’s far less common for them to give customers the option to make something themselves to buy. Microsoft has decided to go in the direction of adapting the Xbox experience to the player with the introduction of the Xbox Design Lab.

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With this special tool on the Xbox website, gamers can customize their own controller with a variety of different combinations. Although this is only for the regular build and not the Xbox Wireless Elite controller, gamers who simply enjoy setting up an Xbox controller can take advantage of the number of options they have to make the device their own.

8 A solid variety of colors

While gamers shouldn’t expect to craft controllers to the level of some custom Xbox consoles, the main aspect of Xbox Design Lab to be aware of is the fact that there’s a wide variety of colors to choose from on nearly every console. aspects of the controller.

Luckily, there are about 23 different colors that customers can choose from for the body, back, bumpers, triggers, D-pad, and thumbsticks.

The 23 colors include:

  • Carbon black

  • Storm Gray

  • Ash Gray

  • White robot

  • Astral Violet

  • soft purple

  • soft pink

  • retro pink

  • deep pink

  • pulsed red

  • Orange zest

  • sweet orange

  • Lightning Yellow

  • electric volt

  • Green Velocity

  • soft green

  • Ice Blue

  • dragonfly blue

  • Mineral Blue

  • blue shock

  • Midnight blue

  • Midnight green

  • desert tan

seven Unique designs for the front

The body is probably the most important part of the controller design as it will be the color that will stand out the most. Luckily, Xbox has provided customers with a set of unique designs for gamers to choose from that make the custom controller stand out even more than a regular controller.

As of this writing, there are six models that players can add for an additional fee. This includes five camouflage variants which include Arctic Camo, Sandglow Camo, Blaze Camo, Mineral Camo, and Forest Camo. Additionally, Microsoft recently revealed a pride template that includes many variations of the different pride flags.

6 Players can get rubber grips

While customization is mostly about the different color schemes that can be created, players will likely want to be as comfortable with using the controller as possible. That’s why, for a fee, the Xbox Design Lab allows players to add grips to the grips.

There are two options players can select. One is the rubberized rear grips where gamers are likely to rest their fingers. Then there are rubberized side grips which add a grip around the rest of the grip which is likely to support the rest of the player’s hands. Players can select both options to put on the controller or just one, but the price may vary.

While most of the different parts of a custom Xbox controller all have the same number of color options, there are a few that get almost double the number of options. Indeed, the rear triggers and the D-Pad could both get a metallic variant for each color.

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This option is here probably because it brings a different feel to buttons that might be used frequently. The colors don’t look much different, only a bit brighter thanks to their metal construction instead of the normal material Xbox controllers are usually made of. Unfortunately, no other part of the controller has been given these options.

4 Other buttons come with few options

What could be considered the exact opposite of what the D-Pad and rear triggers have, there are some customizable aspects of the Xbox controller that have very few options. Part of this may be because there are important letters and symbols on it for the player to see.

The ABXY button combo and the View, Menu, Share combo both gave Xbox Design Lab users very few options. For ABXY, there are:

  • Black on white

  • Gray on white

  • Black on Gray

  • Gray on black

  • white on black

  • colors on black

  • Black on colors.

Meanwhile, the View, Menu, and Share button set has even fewer options:

  • Black on white

  • Gray on white

  • Black on Gray

  • Gray on black

  • white on black

3 Text can be added to the bottom of the controller

The colors are great, but what’s the best way to truly customize a controller for the gamer holding it? There are a few ideas that may come to mind, but the best way is probably to put a name on the controller. This option is available through Xbox Design Lab.

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For an additional fee, players can add up to 16 characters to an engraved message that will be placed at the bottom of the front area. The text color cannot be customized, but will vary depending on the body colors chosen by the player. Whatever message is put on the bottom will likely have a color that stands out.

2 Some presets are available

When players first land on the main Xbox Design Lab page, players will have the option to dive right in with a random model to start working on the controller. However, Xbox is announcing a few designs that could be used as a starting point for those having trouble selecting.

For example, scrolling down may lead players to find controllers inspired by the release of games such as Cross Kings 3 and a commemorative drawing for Destiny 2it isDownloadable ContentThe Witch Queen. Scrolling further will lead to more presets that don’t have a specific brand attached, but give customers a quick preview of how certain colors stand out.

1 Make sure you like it before ordering

Microsoft has made it clear that it wants players to have a customizable experience, from Xbox Game Pass to Xbox Design Lab. But they are not flexible with everything. According to the FAQ on the main Xbox Design Lab page, customers can’t change anything about the design once the order is placed. They also cannot cancel the order since production begins almost immediately.

The controller also cannot be returned as it is custom made. That said, if the controller does not look like what was ordered, there is a process in place for people to contact the company. Moreover, in case of technical issues with the device, customers can also request a replacement with warranty online.

To create a custom Xbox controller, players can access the Xbox Design Labwebsite.

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