Writing the lyrics for ‘Pushpa’ wasn’t easy at all: Chandrabose – Telugu News

‘Pushpa: The Rise’ has five songs in total. Each of them was written by Chandrabose. In this interview, the acclaimed lyricist talks about the experience of writing lyrics for the film Allu Arjun-Sukumar.


When I write the lyrics to a Sukumar garu movie, I get tense. It is because he himself is a poet. He designs something and keeps giving contributions. It becomes difficult to stop the flow of thoughts from his mind!

Writing songs for this particular film was particularly difficult as the characters speak in Chittoor slang. So the lyrics must also reflect the nativity. At first, I was scared. But I had courage later. I saw three scenes from the film. I was stunned. Allu Arjun garu and Sukumar garu are fully dedicated. It’s amazing that the hero, who grew up in Chennai and lived in Hyderabad for many years, mastered Chittoor slang. He comes from a wealthy family. He learned from scratch for this film with total dedication.

The song ‘Saami Saami’ was conceived because Pushpa Raj calls Srivalli ‘Ammi’ in the movie. I am good friends with composer Devi Sri Prasad and director Sukumar garu. For ‘Rangasthalam’ I simply dictated the lines. They weren’t written on paper at all.

Writing for “Rangasthalam” was a different experience. Chitti Babu (Ram Charan) was a different person. Pushpa Raj is a different person. He’s tough and has a lot of ego. He considers himself a great man. When he falls in love with Srivalli, it makes it clear that someone above love is looking for a girl.

I usually get compliments from my colleagues in the film industry. Young people, in particular, loved the songs of ‘Pushpa’. Allu Arjun garu’s dance moves will be very special in the film.

The special song (shot on Bunny and Samantha) will be a story about a social issue. Samantha garu’s acting and dancing moves will take the song to the next level. The singer is also a newcomer and is linked with a well-known singer. The singer will go back and forth. My special songs were like stories.

The melody is what beautifies a song. The word was born before music. The music lifts the word.

Nowadays, folk singers find a voice in movies. It is because more and more ingrained stories are being made. If native singers are chosen, the song sounds authentic.

It is only in the digital age that we speak of views and recordings. These things weren’t there before. It’s just a race.

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