Writing Fiction, Coaching Leaders, and Investing: The Secret to Mindfulness Success

Mumbai-based author S.Venkatesh is hard to categorize. He juggles his time between writing his next thriller, coaching business leaders, writing newspaper columns, speaking out and investing. Although this range of activities may seem disparate, it offers an interesting view.

“All of these activities are centered around mindfulness and personal growth,” he says.

As the author of two Amazon number one bestsellers, Venkatesh has shown a talent for writing thrillers that blend geopolitics, history and science. Her first book, KaalKoot, received rave reviews from readers and was picked up for a screen adaptation. His second book, AgniBaan, is an epic saga spanning fifteen centuries and several continents. AgniBaan combines deep research with a tense, fast-paced narrative, as Venkatesh seamlessly blends ancient secrets with modern conspiracies.

But the journey to two bestsellers hasn’t been easy. Venkatesh was first introduced to mindfulness during his student days at IIT Delhi, but then life took over. After studying management at IIM Calcutta, he pursued a demanding career in investment banking and private equity, holding senior positions at JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and Macquarie. Amidst client meetings, deadlines, and goals, he finally found time to act on his love for writing on international flights. When freed from distractions and interruptions, the mind can enter a state of fluidity conducive to creativity. Over time, he realized that there could be a method to madness.

He says, “Regular mindfulness practice helps you get into the flow more easily.”

Over the years, Venkatesh has learned to balance his entrepreneurial and creative pursuits. He uses his business knowledge and experience to mentor business leaders, ranging from startups to large corporations, helping them grow and prosper. As a motivational speaker and columnist, he shares the lessons of his journey with the public. He says, “I have first-hand experience of how the benefits of mindfulness and embracing the right mindset can be reaped not just in writing, but in business, leadership, and business. investment.

Asked more about this, the author shares some clues for readers. He recommends getting rid of excess baggage and decluttering our lives, freeing ourselves from distractions. This is particularly relevant as digital noise and social media constantly knock on the doors of our minds.

“We have to face our fears. Often we use unnecessary activity as an excuse to avoid engaging with our dreams and passions. Our desire to procrastinate is driven by our fear of failure. But there is hope. Once we face our fears, we can be in tune with our inner rhythm. This is when we are in the zone where creativity and great ideas are born,” he added.

Venkatesh’s next book is a thriller set in the roller coaster world of stock markets. After that, her next work will be non-fiction and show how some of those learnings can be applied to “bring magic into our lives.”

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