Writing and directing Escaype Live on such a grand scale was a challenge in itself: Producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary

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Escaype Live is the debut work of ace producer and creator, Siddharth Kumar Tewary. He is a visionary, a master when it comes to telling mythological and historical concepts. Escaype Live, on Disney+ Hotstar, is its first baby as a content creator in the digital space.

A very new idea, Escaype Live, introduces the audience to the world around a live streaming app, where you have contestants from various parts of India, who are looking to earn money and get rich. However, they don’t know what they are getting into!!

In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com, producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary talks about the rewarding journey of creating Escaype Live.


From the planning stage to the shooting to the execution, how would you sum up this fruitful journey of Escaype Life?

It is one of the most exciting challenges of my life. It took a long time to get to this stage. I’m pretty happy with the work we were able to do with it. I want the world to see my work now. For me, I can only rest in peace when I finish the project and it reaches the public. It’s a story I wanted to tell. It’s a diverse series, we shot for it all over the country. We built characters, each character having his universe. Every human being is gray, not just black or white, and that’s what we’re showing here. So overall it was a nice ride.

After being a master at mythos, why and how did you choose such a subject for your debut in the digital medium?

When we did Mahabharat or any mythology or history for that matter, I was talking to young India. I have always tried to tell it to young audiences. Whether it’s Escaype Live or Mahabharat, the beauty is in telling my stories differently. It’s all about social media here, there’s a thought behind every character. It’s completely out of my comfort zone. We only have one life, so I believe in telling stories that I believe in. I do what I love to do.

How did the idea of ​​Escaype Live come about?

Four years ago, I was talking to my friend who was sharing his thoughts on a live streaming app. It was such an exciting change that I could see it. I could see different personalities, which represented a different India. I did my research with an anonymous account and tried to talk to the different influencers. When I started working on the concept, I also had to look at the commercial aspect. We had to integrate the world of applications and explore the individual lives of the characters. This is how the work began.

Does the web series convey the message of the pros and cons of being social media savvy?

What viewers get out of it depends entirely on the individual themselves. From my perspective, I’m telling a story by looking at the world of social media and understanding what it’s all about. It’s up to you whether it’s good or bad. No one will enter social media with the idea of ​​spreading misfortune. Any excess is bad. Even excess oxygen is bad. Likewise, there are certain situations where you don’t even understand when and where you cross the line. Consciously, no one wants to hurt anyone else. It’s only in situations, only when the lines blur, that you realize it’s too late. So there can be good and bad that you can see on social media. It depends on the story and character you’re talking about. Good and bad are very subjective. Even the biggest and best things have happened on social media. Here for us, this series is all about human behavior, a glimpse into their lives.

What was it like working with Southern Star Siddharth?

Siddharth is a great actor and a fun-loving personality. He is too much in love with his job. It was a dream to work with him. He plays the main character Krishna Rangaswamy, who holds the whole game together. It was a fabulous trip with him.

How was your first experience as a maker and creator on the web front?

Escaype Live is my first OTT series. It is a space that taught me a lot. Making a series like this on such a scale was a challenge in itself. There are way too many benefits in there. I am happy and blessed to have done Escaype Live. The intention to tell a great story was there on my side. I think young audiences will connect very well with this concept.

Do you feel a little younger after doing this series, which is mainly aimed at young people?

(Laughs), I am very young!! For me, television required a different narrative structure, where you talk to the whole family. But in OTT, I speak to the public which is only me. I did not guess the audience. Unless I’m in love with a story, it doesn’t excite me to give it so much time. Youth is advancing, it’s a very exciting time. So it was great to tell this story.

What’s next for One Life Studios now?

We have already been working on some projects for a while now. We have a docu-film, a feature film, work on the animation front, etc. When the time comes, you will discover the projects that are in the works.

What are your personal expectations of Escaype Live?

When I look at content, I never want to feel like I could have done better. That’s what I expect of me. Mahabharat taught me that nothing else beyond a point is under our control. You can only put your work there for everyone to see. After that, the feedback you get is not in your control. There is a reason I told this story. I go forward with this point of view. So let’s see how it goes.

Well done to the Escaype Live team!

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