Willed makes it easy to write will in first ever TVC via Hardhat

Willed, an online will writing platform, has launched its first-ever TVC campaign created by independent creative agency Hardhat.

“Dead Easy” is a lighthearted take on creating a will, acknowledging that preparing for the inevitable can often feel daunting and dark.

Other assets:

15″: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN2B4ywof4I


The campaign is led by the vampire Count Gregor, who has seen much back and forth over his 700 years, and knows better than anyone the importance of writing a will.

Led by a 45-second TVC, the campaign depicts Gregor with his hair and makeup on set, speaking directly to the camera about the “delicious people” he has met in his long life, revealing that the first thing he asks always (before feeding on someone) it’s ‘is your business in order?’. Gregor claims that even though he is a vampire, he is “not a monster” and encourages his victims to easily create a will with Willed before having dinner.

Ariella Birnbaum, Marketing Manager at Willed, said: “Online will writing is a relatively new offering in Australia, so we’re delighted to bring them to market with Hardhat in an accessible and honest way. fun.”

Hayley Read, Senior Strategist at Hardhat added: “As a new offering, we knew it was important to convey the functional benefits of making your will online, including speed, ease and security. Along with that, as a new brand, we had to do it in a way that was likeable and distinctive. »

It wasn’t long before Count Gregor, Willed Ambassador and vampire came on board: “When Hardhat came to me with their idea, I was like, finally. I mean, I’ve been telling people to make a will for ages. I told Ned Kelly, I told Prince. Now I say this to all Australians. Obtain a Will with Willed. It’s very easy.

The “Dead Easy” campaign aired over the weekend on free-to-air, digital and social TV.

Hardhat’s Dan Monheit is set to speak at the Mumbrella Automotive Marketing Summit in Melbourne in September, presenting key insights from Hardhat’s research on “behavioral biases” and how customers value, choose and remember products. experiences they have had.


Customer: Will
Creative Agency: Helmet
Media: Media Republic (TV) & Magic (Digital)
Production Co: Guilty
Director: Edwin McGill
Executive Producer: Jason Byrne
Cinematographer: Adam Howden
Offline Editor: Billy Browne
Level: Martin Greer
Online: Alex Evans
Sound: Justin Bodanac, Front of House

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