Who are the members of Sentinel’s Editorial Board? – Sentinel of Santa Cruz

According to a Sentinel editorial published on Halloween 2021, Sentinel’s editorial board is “made up of two journalists, three community members, and a representative of the newspaper’s business and advertising interests.” I cannot find the names and affiliations of SCS editorial board members published anywhere in the journal. Who are the current members of the SCS Editorial Board? What are their affiliations and how long have they served? Do some board members vary from week to week or month to month? How are members not affiliated with the newspaper selected? Readers of the opinion page know by the byline that provides the commentary in all other opinions, but we don’t know who is behind the “We” in the “As We See It” column.

A newspaper’s editorials can be a powerful tool for influencing public opinion. Sentinel readers deserve to know who is using this influential tool in our community.

—Debra Wirkman, Santa Cruz

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