WATCH: Shaun White’s dog refuses to let him skate; Bites board in protest

Shaun White is well known for his supremacy in snowboarding. Besides the snow, fans also love White for his occasional appearances on the big screen. Not to mention his skills with the guitar, which often leaves fans mesmerized.


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Popularly known as “Flying tomato”, even at 35, Shaun has no intention of slowing down. White is currently preparing for his fourth Olympic gold medal, in what will be his 5th appearance at the Winter Games.


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Taking some free time, Shaun is back home with his friends and family. Recently, Shaun posted a video of his pet dog interrupting his practice, leaving fans divided.

White and Steve, a heavenly wedding

Shaun White is one of the greatest snowboarders of all time. His career and accomplishments make him a source of inspiration for many aspiring snowboarders around the world. Notably, Shaun has a pet bulldog named Steve, who appears regularly on Shaun’s Instagram.

Rather amusingly, the snowboard star posted a video of Steve interrupting his workout, refusing to let go of the board.

White captioned the video: “Find someone who supports your passions …?? Steve. “

The feeling of affection between the two is undeniably very strong. White has expressed his love for Steve multiple times on his social media. Treating fans with a lot more hugs and hugs, Shaun often shares photos of himself with Steve, leaving fans in awe.

Why did Shaun White name his dog Steve?

White’s dog has a great story behind his name ‘Steve’. In an interview, the athlete revealed that it wasn’t just Steve, but Effing Steve, when he chatted up a row.

White was inspired by a cartoon that featured a guy named Steve. The cartoon character worked in a school and was extremely mischievous, like his dog. Unable to ignore the similarities between the two, White decided to name his dog Steve.


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It comes from this cartoon that I love. It’s like that adult cartoon where you have these two guys working at school and the one called Steve. He’s still blowing and they’re like F and Steve sitting in the car, I wonder why don’t we just call him Steve? “ said the athlete.

White added that the dog has the potential to gain more popularity than him. The bond shared by the two is heartwarming to see. However, do you think the mischievous Steve will become a bigger celebrity than White himself?


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