WA teacher strikes highlight school funding and staffing issues

Teachers have said the planned change to a more inclusive classroom structure is a bigger concern than their salary increases.

These plans were established in Seattle last spring with administrators, parents and teachers. Teachers say they want to make sure classrooms get enough support from teaching assistants, who are the ones responsible for providing extra help to students who need it.

“The district basically wants to revamp the whole model — and with good reason,” said Heather Barker, who teaches third grade at Sanislo Elementary School in the Delridge neighborhood. “They say, ‘We’re doing it again, trust us, it’s going to work. And we say, ‘Write it down.’

Parent Kenton Kodner, whose son Eli Kodner is a middle schooler, said he came to the picket line at Sanislo Elementary in West Seattle to support the teachers. “I have no problem supporting the teachers who have helped our children through the pandemic. I will be forever grateful for this emotional lifeline for our children,” Kodner said.

Kodner, who said “this isn’t the first time I’ve taken my son to a strike line,” nonetheless said he wanted the district and teachers to come to an agreement before the start of the school year. ‘school. “I’m frustrated using children as bargaining chips.”

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