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There is still time to run.

Don’t make me run.

At my age, don’t make me run for bipartisan office.

I’m younger than Biden and Trump, Pelosi, McConnell and even DeWine. All but our governor are too old and should just stop running around and dividing us with their madness. Schumer is only five months younger than me. Have I convinced you yet?

What is the bipartisan office I’m talking about?

He is our region’s member of the State of Ohio Board of Education; currently known as “District 7”, it has also been mired in politics with the state’s legislative districts. As of this writing, it could be “District 10”. Too bad for perfectly bipartisan, huh?

For the past few years, it was owned by Governor Kasich appointee Sarah Fowler Arthur from 2013 to 2021. In Ohio, there are 11 elected board members and eight governor appointees. Fowler Arthur ran for the board twice and never objected. She did not, however, complete her last term. No, she had a “higher calling” and was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives. What a commitment to education. (Sorry, readers, that was sarcasm.) Governor DeWine appointed Akron Insurance agent Tim Miller to complete the term. It is unclear whether Miller is a candidate, opposed or not.

The deadline to apply is August 10, so there is still time for a candidate to apply. Could it be you?

Sarah’s claim to fame for seven years of her eight-year career was that she was the only home-schooled student ever to serve on a state school board. That and the fact that she was an entrepreneur at 11 (she owned “Sarah’s Eggs” on her parents’ farm) made her eminently eligible. It’s vice-presidential material for sure. Do you remember that other infamous Sarah, the intellectual giant from Alaska? (Sarcasm again.)

So if you’re interested in representing our region and you’re a supporter of education for all Ohioans, not just the less than 1% home-schooled, but the other, over 99% home-schooled in public and private school classrooms, I will support you and vote for you.

Again, don’t make me run.



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