The winner of the What Should Be at Grand and Lafayette design competition is …

Many thanks to our participants for taking the time and having the courage to submit their proposals to the scrutiny of our audience. Their entrances “eliminate all the facilities that create the image and reality of the redevelopment area which are outdated and dilapidated” while a gas station does neither. And thank you to everyone reading to engage on the issue.

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The entrees

Entry # 1 by Dylan Kennedy

Entry # 2 by Elek Borrelli

Entry # 3 by Cameron Strickland, Marcellus Johnson, Hallie Nolan and Karl Schulz

Entry # 4 by Kara Clark

Recent news

On December 9, QuikTrip applied for a demolition permit for 3616 McRee, a house it owns adjacent to the site to the west. It’s in the Tiffany Quarter National Historic District, so you should take the Cultural Resource Office (CRO) exam. If he comes before the Preservation Council, be sure to submit your comments in writing and / or testify at the meeting. I believe new construction here would not be subject to a CRO review as there is no historical city ordinance covering the site.

In addition, QT would pay the initial cost of moving the I-44 ramp east, approximately $ 300,000, to alleviate some of the freeway scourge suffered by residents of Tiffany. A CID would be created to reimburse the cost so that QT customers would be charged additional sales tax to make them whole, of course, not on gasoline, that is not possible.

QuikTrip demolitions over the decades

The Tiffany Community Association is expected to vote on whether to support the proposed gas station soon. During their last meeting, Ald Davis made it clear that the decision to go ahead is entirely up to them. Considering the success of the trial at Creve Coeur, I fear this is not really the case.


Polls on Twitter and Reddit, the sum of which determines a vote in the judgment.

Entrance Twitter Reddit Total
1 56 4 60
2 66 16 82
3 17 11 38
4 23 4 27

Twitter Town and Redditburg have chosen thentry # 2. It’s also worth noting that Entry 4 received the most pageviews, followed by Entries 2, 1 and 3. Entry 4 received the most comments across different platforms. We’ve heard over and over that there’s a QuikTrip in Atlanta that doesn’t have gas pumps. It opened in 2016. Are there any others that have been built? This could be an indication of his favor or lack of it in society.

Judges’ comments

Michael allen university researcher, historian, teacher, design critic, public artist, spatial critical guide and heritage curator in private practice – Votes for entry # 3.

Marc Groth of the Groth and fame guides of St. Louis City Talk – I am choose # 1 because it is most likely to be built. It has an excellent urban form, is elegant, and the size complements the Salus Center through Grand. The largest metropolitan area is in McRee and the smaller section closest to I-44 (the noisiest and most unsightly part of the area). While this one is probably the most predictable, it would work easily.

Thoughts on # 2: This one is eye-catching and a bit bigger at 10 stories. I think it would overshadow the neighbors, causing neighboring properties to recoil internally, with significant shadows as the sun sets in the west.

Thoughts on # 3: It’s not without merit, but it’s the weakest of the 4. It’s more of a suburb with lower density and a large area with atriums or seating areas. like a mall. It seems lazy that the accommodation was put right by I-44 onto the ramp. I would return it and put the hotel near the freeway. This would however be best suited to current low density and suburban buildings such as the animal hospital and the BP / fried food restaurant upstream.

Thoughts on n ° 4: a fascinating idea of ​​a C-store without gasoline. Or, the first EV charging station in STL. The idea of ​​electric vehicles is brilliant and could attract mixed uses, as highway travelers would stop, charge, and need something to do for an hour. they could get a book, a magazine, a coffee, a light snack / dessert, a full meal… directly on site. The design of the residential floors seems the least inspiring of the 4 entrances, but it could be refined. It was a close second due to thinking outside the box.

Anonymous resident of Tiffany – First place – Entrance 1 this is realistic i wouldn’t want something bigger than five stores it is designed as a combination of residential and retail which is a great idea it has a reasonable number of apartments which can very well affect the district (without going beyond the district), it has a parking space in the plot.

Second Place – Entrance 2 is beautiful, it’s mixed use, so it’s great; however, it is too high and would easily invade the neighborhood, causing additional traffic; but I would not protest against it.

Comments on entry 3 – I am not convinced that this proposal would improve the neighborhood; also, it looks relatively small; it would probably work best closer to SLU’s north campus.

Comments on entry 4 – could be a good compromise; however, it should be just a QT store, no pumps; otherwise, it doesn’t make sense. It would further pollute the neighborhood, increase traffic, bring crime, etc. ; this time it would just be hidden behind a nice building.

Richard bose – They all “create an image that reflects a prosperous and progressive business, commerce and development district”, in stark contrast to a gas station.

Entrance n ° 1 seems to be the most pleasant for the neighbors. It would offer a view of the Compton Hill Water Tower for those at the south end, including the restaurant with the second floor patio. Residents at the north end would have a view of downtown and the Arch. The upper part is mostly in Grand, not so much next to the shorter buildings in the west.

Entry # 2 best fits the “signature development” envisioned by the Midtown Reverlopmet plan. It is safe “to take[s] make the most of the development opportunities offered by currently vacant or underutilized land. It achieves the highest land productivity and population increase in inputs, two things the city sorely needs. It is the most daring architecturally. It descends towards the west towards the shorter buildings. The highest part is in the eastern half of the property. Considering the recent reactions in the neighborhoods to the proposals, I am a little shy. With the advertised price of $ 2 million in the field, this is probably the most economically feasible.

Entry # 3. It has the most developed usage plan. Serving immigrants and greenway travelers is great. The patio could help activate the street, which is very rare on Grand between the two freeways plagued by fences, parking lots, lawns, coarse development and big setbacks. I suspect this should be built and managed by a nonprofit, so the site would likely be tax exempt.

Entrance # 4 divides the baby. It alleviates some of the drawbacks of a typical gas station. The productivity of the land is high, there are places for people and it makes a wall of streets. It does not weaken others. It would still be a car magnet with all the dangers, noise, and mess that come with it. Charging only electric vehicles (no gasoline pumps) would remove the carcinogenic benzene and some other pollutants that accompany gas stations. You would still have a lot of vehicles coming and going, needing curb cuts, clashing with people. If it was just a convenience store like the oft-cited QT location in Atlanta, it could be a useful convenience for nearby residents, workers, and patients. Although it may be in the retail space of the other proposals. It would still be non-local. I’d bet QT’s main interest here is traffic on Grand and I-44, and that would be a break for them with no visible parking lot and / or gas pumps.

On this I vote for entry # 2


That makes two votes for entry # 1, two for entry # 2 and one for entry # 3.

Huzzah! A tie! We will split the price of $ 500 between them. Congratulations!

Thanks again to the participants. They offered us ideas on what should be, much more than a gas station.

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