The Star Wars Design Tricks We All Still Use

We’ve seen a lot of brilliant infographic designs during our time at Creative Bloq. Infographics are a colorful and fun way to convey information in an engaging and visual way. And since today is Star Wars Day (you know, May the 4th…?), we thought we’d bring you a galactic-themed infographic to help you through the day.

The Star Wars infographic (see below) covers design elements from the first three Star Wars movies. It’s packed with information about the movies and tips on how to recreate a similar look, meaning it’s perfect for any budding cinematographer or Star Wars fan who wants a more in-depth look at the movies. and design. If you feel inspired by this infographic and want to create your own, why not check out our roundup of the best infographic makers?

Click here to see the infographic (Image credit: Venngage/Steven Shearer)

The infographic was created by Steven Shearer for Vengage, which boiled down the design principles of the original Star Wars films to seven different elements. According to Venngage, depth, contrast, negative, perspective, symmetry, directional cues, and repetition all make up this classic Star Wars look.

The infographic gives a surprising insight into some of the techniques used to make the films and describes the effect of each element on a viewer. Each principle is broken down with a chart of the shot composition, along with guidance on how to recreate the look – and it’s fascinating to see that many of the ideas are techniques applied by designers everywhere, not just across the galaxy. Star Wars.

A close up of the negative space section of the infographic

The infographic focuses on seven design principles, including negative space (Image credit: Venngage/Steven Shearer)

If you’re feeling inspired by all this Star Wars talk and fancy tackling all things galaxy-themed, be sure to check out our roundup of the best Lego Star Wars deals. Or if you just prefer to indulge in the movies, why not sign up for Disney Plus, where you can watch all the movies and, very soon, the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series?

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