The Literacy Center of West Michigan helps adults improve their reading and writing skills

85,000 adults in Kent County read below grade 4 level. They are people who have most often moved to the United States for reasons of security or opportunity, often leaving behind familiar lives and successful careers. Others are native speakers who have encountered systemic barriers to effective education.

Fortunately, there are educational centers like the Literacy Center of West Michigan that provide access to education programs for adults with low literacy, numeracy, language, and digital skills. The Literacy Center also creates pathways to citizenship, supports returning citizens, and partners with several school districts to provide a bi-generational approach to children’s literacy.

One such person who contacted the Literacy Center is Belkis Torrez, who struggled to navigate his new home in the United States after having a successful career in media broadcasting in his home country. She joined the Morning Mix, along with Carrie Machkouri of the Literacy Center, to share her story of how these programs have helped her improve her literacy skills and helped her transition to life in western Canada. Michigan.

To learn more about the programs offered by the Literacy Center of West Michigan, visit

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