The Editorial Board: Officials who fantasize about leaving Erie County are wasting their taxpayers’ time | Editorial

Wyoming County’s rural identity appeals to some city officials who fantasize about Erie County secession This 2021 photo shows a trail crossing a hill that marks the highest point in Wyoming County.

Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News

News Editorial Board

Here’s the only secession that should happen in Erie County: It’s by elected city officials pushing this nonsense from their positions of irresponsibility. Who are these clowns?

Officials — we’ll resist calling them leaders — in some of the county’s rural areas are fantasizing about leaving Erie County in favor of what they think are greener pastures. It is nonsense that does nothing to improve conditions or address in any serious way the real issues that may be on the table.

One of the supporters of this public embarrassment is Marilla Supervisor Earl “Skip” Gingerich Jr. who, rather than offering real ideas to improve the lives of residents, thinks he would like to move the city to the county of Wyoming.

Gingerich’s economic complaint is that Erie County isn’t sending enough money to his city. And he thinks Wyoming County will? Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz estimated Marilla would need to raise taxes 33% to make up for lost revenue.

Gingerich also complained about Poloncarz’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Our view here is that it’s ‘we the people’, not ‘me the king’ or ‘the tyrant’,” he said, obviously with a straight face. But there are no monarchs or tyrants in Erie County. Just people doing their best to protect residents from a deadly virus, which will pass.

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