The digital Swipe file dedicated to curating ads, writing briefs and more from Facebook and TikTok has created a platform where one can easily register discovered ads from Facebook Ad Library and TikTok Creative Center.

The importance of a magnetic file for marketing and advertising agencies cannot be overstated. Every great announcement starts with amazing inspiration, and Foreplay makes that process seamless. A typical magnetic file contains wonderful digital marketing ideas that have been collected over many years. It also acts as an instant source of inspiration when one is struggling to come up with new ideas.

The magnetic file is a concept that has been around for as long as advertising has been a professional field. However, a new company called Foreplay had built a platform to help create, manage, and delegate the shard of a magnetic file.

At the heart of the Foreplay platform is their Chrome extension which integrates with the Facebook Ads Library and the TikTok Creative Center. The result is the ability to record ads from Facebook with a single click, eliminating the need for screenshots, screen recordings and downloads.

Building on their platform, Foreplay recently launched new features, including Ad Discovery and Ad Briefs, to optimize this process specifically for agencies and Creative Strategists.

With Foreplay, there are no cases of expired links. In other words, once an ad is registered on the platform, its users will have access to it for as long as they want, even when the ad becomes inactive. This is possible because all content saved on Foreplay is usually saved in the user’s cloud storage, where it can be accessed at any time. The Foreplay platform also supports recording of all ad types including DCO and Carousel, Video and Photo. Then there is the ability to record rich data by crystallizing ad copy, CTA type, platform and more.

To create an organization, the platform allows its users to create tables that categorize ads based on customer, campaign, or style. The organization aspect is accompanied by three characteristics:

– Content Tags: One can add style tags like UGC Review or Product Hero to their videos.
– Filter by niche: this allows to see all the ads they have registered in different niches such as automotive, beauty, software, etc.
– Filter by format: This allows you to easily refine your search by photo, video or carousel.

Foreplay also allows users of eCommerce Marketers and Agency Owners to share links to curated boards or ads with clients or teams. The platform allows anyone with the URL to view public share links and share links with a password, which is password protected and great for privacy. Additionally, there is the Embed into Notion feature which makes it easy to embed a board into any Notion page and the Slack integration to notify the team when there is new ad inspiration.

From the rave reviews on the platform’s website, it seems that users are delighted with the platform’s services. One such user, Zach Stick of Homestead Media, says, “Foreplay is the go-to tool used when the Homestead team needs to find and curate inspiration for new ads. I had some doubts about adding another tool, but the chrome extension makes using it effortless. It saves a lot of time for our media buyers and creative team, and our clients love it too. »

Please visit the Foreplay website to learn more about the platform and enjoy the services.

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