The day after SC flagged the ‘design’ to boil the ‘pot’ of 2002, Gujarat police arrest ex-DGP, Teesta

A DAY after the Supreme Court upheld SIT’s net toll during the 2002 riots against the then Gujarat government led by Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Ahmedabad’s Crime Detection Branch (DCB) arrested retired state DGP RB Sreekumar, whose role had been questioned. by the Court, and Mumbai-based activist Teesta Setalvad, who supported the petitioner, Zakia Jafri.

Both men were charged with criminal conspiracy, forgery and other sections of the IPC based on an FIR filed with the DCB by Inspector Darshansinh Barad, who quotes extensively from the Supreme Court order. Former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, who also faced restrictions in the Supreme Court order, is also named in the nine-page FIR, filed on behalf of the state of Gujarat. Bhatt is already in jail in connection with another case.

While a DCB team detained Sreekumar after serving a summons at his Gandhinagar residence on Saturday afternoon, Setalvad was detained around the same time at his Mumbai residence.

The arrests came hours after Union Home Minister Amit Shah, in an interview with ANI, criticized Setalvad’s ‘police official’ and NGO’s role , outside the media, in the case against Modi.

Sreekumar was taken to the Crime Branch headquarters in Jamalpur, Ahmedabad where he was arrested, police sources told The Indian Express.

The FIR under which Sreekumar, Bhatt and Setalvad were arrested was registered under IPC Sections 468 (forgery), 471 (using as genuine a false document or electronic record), 194 (giving or making false evidence with intent to obtain capital conviction, 211 (false accusation of offense committed with intent to injure), 218 (official presenting incorrect record or writing with intent to save person from ‘punishment or confiscate property) and 120 B (criminal association).

Chaitanya Mandlik, Deputy Police Commissioner, Crime, Ahmedabad City Police, said: “Upon a tip-off provided by the DCB of Ahmedabad Police, a team from the Gujarat Counter Terrorism Squad arrested the accused Teesta Setalvad from Mumbai and she is brought to the Crime Branch office in Ahmedabad.

The FIR says the Supreme Court’s order “makes it clear that Sanjiv Bhatt, RB Sreekumar, Teesta Setalvad and others conspired to abuse the legal process by fabricating false evidence to convict multiple people of a punishable offence.” capital punishment, thereby committing an offense punishable under ICC Article 194. Furthermore, it was established during the investigation by the SIT that Sanjiv Bhatt, RB Sreekumar, Teesta and others had committed false and malicious criminal prosecution of innocent persons with intent to cause injury, an act punishable under IPC Article 211. Sanjiv Bhatt and RB Sreekumar who at the time of their acts of commission and omission, were public servants…they had made incorrect records with intent to injure several people, which they are guilty of under IPC Section 218. Sanjiv Bhatt, RB Sreekumar , Teesta Setalvad and others conspired and prepared false records and dishonestly used such records as genuine with intent to cause damage and injury to multiple persons thereby committing an offence, inter alia, punishable under the articles 468 and 471 of the CIP.

The FIR states that the accused would be investigated for “uncovering the behind-the-scenes criminal conspiracy and financial and other benefits, inducements to commit various serious offenses in collusion with other individuals, entities and organizations”.

Setalvad, 60, said the police team that picked her up assaulted her inside her home, but this was denied by authorities. The Gujarat team, which came in two jeeps, said she was being taken to Ahmedabad for questioning.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Setalvad said: ‘I was assaulted, there is no warrant and I am being taken away, so I came to Santacruz police to file a complaint.’

Her husband Javed Anand said: “On Saturday morning we received a call at CISF HQ office in Noida asking what protection Teesta has. She previously had CISF security, which was withdrawn, and now she has Mumbai Police security. Later, two security men from (Union minister and BJP leader) Narayan Rane, who stays on the same road, came to ask if Teesta was at his house. Later at 3:45 p.m., a police detachment came to arrest him. The detachment said they had a warrant and only showed us the FIR.”

Anand added, “We locked our door and said we’ll talk when our lawyers are here…She tried to go to the bathroom and said she wouldn’t open until the lawyers arrived, and a male staff member and a female staff member assaulted her. They also threatened to charge us with obstructing the police. Anand added that being asthmatic, Setalvad took her medication with her.

Mumbai Police DCP Spokesperson Sanjay Latkar said: “A team from the Gujarat Police Counter Terrorism Squad has visited the residence of Setalvad who lives on Juhu Tara road. The team visited his home in connection with a case registered at the DCB police station in Ahmedabad.

He added that Santacruz police are processing his request about what happened.

According to the FIR, “Setalvad conjured, concocted, falsified, fabricated facts and documents and/or evidence, including the fabrication of documents by persons who were protective witnesses for Plaintiff (Zakia).” She was also accused of influencing and tutoring witnesses and getting them to sign pre-typed affidavits. Even Zakia Jafri was tutored by Setalvad, as evidenced by her statement to the Nanavati Commission on August 22, 2003, the complaint states.

Regarding IPS officers Bhatt and Sreekumar, the FIR says that they gave several depositions before the Nanavati Commission of Inquiry which were against the government of Gujarat.

Complaint says Bhatt, who was Superintendent of Police (Security) at the time of the riots, forged various documents mailed to SIT and falsely claimed he attended a late night meeting on February 27 2002, summoned by Modi to his home. .

“The SIT’s investigation has conclusively established that Bhatt was not present at said meeting, and he made the above statements nine years after the incident to falsely implicate various individuals in serious sections of the law,” says the FIR.

About Sreekumar, the FIR says his nine affidavits before the Nanavati-Shah Commission were the source of much of the allegations in Jafri’s petition, it said.

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Sreekumar was an additional DGP of the armed unit at the time of the riots, but his statement to the SIT revealed that his factual information was acquired after he was appointed ADG (Intelligence) on April 9, 2002, according to the FIR. “He made no allegation against the government in the first two affidavits, he only did so in the third affidavit. He committed these and other acts deliberately to wrongly implicate certain people in serious sections of the law.

On Friday, the Supreme Court, while rejecting the petition of riot survivor Zakia Jafri and upholding the bon mot given to Modi by the Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court, observed: “We find strength in the argument of the Respondent State that the testimony of Mr. Sanjiv Bhatt, Mr. Haren Pandya and also Mr. RB Sreekumar was only to sensationalize and politicize the issues at issue, although filled with lies.

The parts quoted by the FIR from the SC verdict include: “Ultimately, it appears to us that a concerted effort by disgruntled Gujarat state officials along with others was to create a sensation by making revelations that were false. to their own knowledge. The falsity of their assertions had been fully revealed by the SIT after a thorough investigation. Curiously, the present proceedings have been continuing for 16 years (from the filing of a complaint dated 8.6.2006 on 67 pages, then by the filing of a protest motion dated 15.4.2013 on 514 pages), including with the audacity to question the integrity of each official involved in the process of exposing the devious scheme adopted (for borrow the submission of the learned SIT lawyer), to boil the pot, of course, for some later purpose. t to the law.

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