The Bettendorf High School Planetarium will feature spring shows on Shakespeare, The Sun and Whitman

The Don Schaefer Planetarium at Bettendorf High School has some pretty cool displays — beyond that old routine of traveling across the universe — from January to May 2022.

Each standout show begins at 7 p.m. They’re free but seating is limited, so please call ahead to make reservations at 563-332-4516 or email Christopher Like at [email protected] Masks are strongly encouraged for the safety of all guests.

Christopher Like, the STEM coordinator for the Bettendorf Community School District, at the Donald Schaefer Planetarium at Bettendorf High School, which he also directs.

The programs (at 3333 18th St., Bettendorf) are:

  • January 25: Two small pieces of glass — All ages | Professional manufacturing. This show takes us through the history of the telescope, how it works and what scientists have discovered with it. It’s aimed at elementary or middle school students, but there’s plenty for the whole family to learn.
  • January 25: The Astrology of William Shakespeare — All ages | BHS Production. William Shakespeare wrote some of the most famous plays in history. From Star Crossed Lovers to Julius Caesar or Henry VIII, the Bard has used the stars as focal points in her pieces. Where did he draw his inspiration and how did the sky influence his writing?
  • February 22: Ghost of the Universe — 14 years old – Adult | Professional manufacturing. Are you curious about what makes up the fundamental particles of the universe? This show tackles some of the most intriguing questions of the 21st century. Where do we all come from? What are we all made of? The show is about 40 minutes long, with the remaining time spent answering questions that I know will come up in the show.
  • March 29: Oasis in Space — All ages | Professional manufacturing. This show takes us through the farthest reaches of space to show us how lucky we are to live in our own oasis in the vast cosmos.
  • March 29: Revival — All ages | BHS Production. This show takes us back to the birth of modern science in the era known as the renaissance.
  • April 19: Sunny — All ages | Professional manufacturing. Explore the sun and its influence on life on Earth.
  • April 19: Modeling the solar system — All ages | Live show. We will observe a set of planets in the night sky and create a model of the solar system based on their positions relative to the horizon and other properties of the planets. This is a live performance with audience participation.
  • May 24: From Earth to the Universe — All ages | Professional manufacturing. This show discusses the latest breakthroughs in astronomy and cosmology while taking us to the edge of the known universe.
  • May 24: The Works of Walt Whitman — All ages | BHS Production. This show was produced as an extension of our AP American Literature course to feature the works of transcendentalist poet Walt Whitman.
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