The best mystery board games so you can feel like a mingling kid

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Want to know which of your friends would make the best detective or maybe find out which one is the best liar? Well, get your alibis ready because we’ve rounded up the best mystery board games that will test your deduction skills and leave your head hanging in the air.

Whether you’re planning on hosting a board game night or perhaps a murder mystery night, no party would be complete without a few of these games under your arm. Whether it’s sorting through evidence, assuming a new identity, or escaping a house of horrors, there’s something here for everyone.

So hop in the Mystery Machine, grab your magnifying glass and bring your best poker face – the hunt is on.

The best mystery board games to play with friends


Picture: Hasbro

What is the game about?

What kind of mystery-themed board game list would it be if Cluedo wasn’t part of it? This tried-and-true board game is still a hit and we’re willing to bet most of you have the box at home under your beds.

This classic whodunnit requires you to use your super detective skills to figure out three simple things: who the murderer is, what weapon he used, and where the murder took place. Make an educated guess, because if you’re wrong, you’ll be out of the game.

You and your friends can play as a myriad of iconic characters, including movie star Miss Scarlet; Plum, the mathematical genius; White, the best lawyer; and many other funny characters. As you roll the dice and move from room to room, you’ll explore secret passages and interrogate your friends.

But if you’re a little tired of the comfortable mystery novel formula, you can always pick up a new edition based on Dungeons & Dragons, Harry Potter and more.

Where to buy Cluedo

Amazon ($29) | eBay ($39.99)

Alice has disappeared

Alice has disappeared
Image: Renegade

What is the game about?

In this mysterious and silent role-playing game, you will have to solve the disappearance behind your friend “Alice”. At first, you will be assigned an identity that reveals a secret about yourself, as well as a motive and the relationships you have. You can play with up to five people and everyone will have to create a unique group chat where you can all communicate via text. What a great way to force people to make new friends.

Unlike most board games, Alice has disappeared has a time limit set at 90 minutes. Every ten minutes you will receive a new clue to his whereabouts with clues that will lead you to different suspects and spooky events that will propel the story forward.

When the time runs out, you will know what happened to Alice and if she is still alive or not. Keep in mind that this is a card game best played once. The ending will always stay the same, even if you end up with different identities the next time around. But on the positive side, you can share it with all the friends who missed the original game, so that they can introduce others to this scary game.

Or buy

Amazon ($42.97)

body on the walk

body on a walk
Image: Hunt a Killer

What is the game about?

body on the walk is a murder mystery experience that will make you feel like you are solving a real crime from your dining room table.

When a girl is found dead, her boyfriend becomes the prime suspect. Despite the pile of evidence against him, his mother calls on you to clear his name. As you navigate the seaside amusement park where the victim died, you’ll need to sift through all the evidence – including handwritten notes, an empty popcorn bag, postcards and more – to piece together this mystery.

However, the juiciest part of this game is figuring out the killer’s true motive. By meeting the colleagues of the victim, you will learn all about the dark underbelly of the small amusement park. What a doozy.

Where to buy this murder mystery board game

Amazon ($61.67)

221B Baker Street

Murder Mystery Board Game - 221B Baker St
Image: Gibson

What is the game about?

Take out your magnifying glass and step into the shoes of one of literature’s most famous detectives. In this mysterious board game, each player will assume the identity of Sherlock Holmes and attempt to solve one of 75 famous cases, while testing their deductive skills against their friends.

Taking the pawn of your choice, you’ll start at Sherlock and Watson’s apartment, 221B Baker Street, before moving through this board game map of London. This game is a great choice for those who want to change it up and add a deep and complex storyline to the classic. Cluedo formula. just like Cluedo, you will have to enter rooms, or buildings in this case, and run to solve the case before other players do. You’ll need more than luck to outsmart your fellow Sherlocks.

Where to buy this murder mystery board game

Amazon ($27.49) | eBay ($52.34)

Betrayal at home on the hill

One of the best mystery board games: Betrayal at House on the Hill
Image: Avalon Hill

What is the game about?

This creepy co-op looks like a cross between Werewolf and Dungeons & Dragons and will transport players to a haunted mansion of their own design.

Rather than working on a static board, players will place tiles (which will become coins) and pick up items as they progress through the mansion as part of the “explore phase”. Eventually someone will trigger the “Haunt Phase” and one of the players will be introduced as a “Traitor”, from which one of 50 different scenarios will take place.

Each person will be able to role play as a different character, where each has unique stats that can change throughout the game. You will each have two physical traits, power and speed as well as two mental traits, knowledge and health mental. Once the game is in full swing and the traitor has been determined, the other players will have to work together and complete all of their objectives to win, while the traitor works against them with their growing horde of monsters.

Or buy

Amazon ($59.99) | eBay ($59.99)

Unsolved Cases: Who Murdered Harmony Ashcroft?

Jinkies, here are 8 of the best mystery board games so you can feel like a mingling kid
Image: Unresolved Cases

What is the game about?

The best thing about this game is that you don’t have to wake up a group of friends to play with you if you fancy a board game night. If you love watching police procedurals, you will have a real pleasure playing this game.

But buckle up because it can be long. Using a series of clues including photographs, newspaper snippets and more, you’ll attempt to uncover the truth behind an unsolved (fictional) murder. Once you’ve solved this mystery, you can choose a whole new case to solve, such as Jamie Banks, My homie Edmunds and of course, Jane Doe.

Where to buy this murder mystery board game

We’ve linked the Harmony Ashcroft case below, which has received rave reviews on Amazon. Many have agreed that it’s a well-designed game with hours of fun.

Amazon ($39.99) | eBay ($41.45)

Letters from Whitechapel

Letters from Whitechapel
Image: Fantasy Flight Games

What is the game about?

History buffs will hear the word “Whitechapel” and know right away that we are talking about the notorious English serial killer, Jack the Ripper. While the case remains unsolved today, this board game from Fantasy Flight will give players the chance to achieve the glory that comes from catching a fake version of the Whitechapel Demon.

This cat-and-mouse hunt will see one friend take on the role of The Ripper, while the others must use their four-turn deduction skills to uncover the killer’s hideout planted somewhere on the board.

Speaking of which, this game gets bonus points for having a map that acts as an accurate representation of London’s Whitechapel district, splattered with blood and adorned with the names of Jack’s unlucky victims.

Or buy

Amazon ($80) | eBay ($81.80)

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Murder Mystery Board Game
Image: Cheerful Thinkers

What is the game about?

This is a role-playing game that will transport you straight to the neon-lit streets of Hong Kong. Another game reminiscent Cluedoeach player will be assigned one of the following roles: the medical examiner, the murderer, the accomplice, the witness or one of the investigators.

The goal? Discover the means and evidence of the murderer in three rounds. But like Cluedoyou only get one guess, so make it count.

At the start of the game, all players will close their eyes, allowing the murderer and the accomplice to recognize each other. The murderer will then indicate a means of murder and a piece of evidence to his accomplice. If a witness plays, the murderer and his accomplice will close their eyes while the medical examiner tells the witness who the bad guys are. It is important that the witness does not betray himself, otherwise the murderer will win the game if he manages to guess who it is correctly.

Where to buy this murder mystery board game

eBay ($96.24)

Did we miss something? Let us know your favorite mystery-themed board games in the comments below!

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