The Batman Riddler Paul Dano Writes New Riddler DC Comic

The Riddler installs his victim in The Batman.

Screenshot: Warner Bros./DC

The Batman and its Rogues’ Gallery remain reserved and busy with the film’s massive box office success. But here’s a resume addition you might not have expected: DC Comics announced that the Riddler himself, Paul Dano, has signed on to write a limited series about Edward Nashton’s journey from abandoned Gotham orphan to Batman’s nemesis.

This news follows the announcement that Colin Farrell The Penguin series received a series order on HBO Max and that The Batman gonna hit the streaming service in April. It’s a good time to be a bat fan!

Riddler: first yeara six-issue bi-monthly limited series, set to launch in October 2022. Joining Dano is European artist Stevan Subic, who recently announced he has joined DC Comics on Twitter.

As the characters’ origins continue to be ignored on the big screen, we’re thrilled to have Dano’s take on Nashton’s rise in comic book form. Whether it will essentially be an extended adaptation using the backstory that Matt Reeves and Dano created for their creepy serial killer remains to be seen. This approach would make the most sense, as the actor said he might have too profound with character research.

Riddler Year One Teaser

Picture: DC Comics/WB

DC’s official synopsis reveals that “this series explores the context of how accountant Edward Nashton went from just being a Gotham City person to becoming Batman’s nemesis, setting them on a collision course in the long blockbuster film”. Even though the comic book series is just based on things that Dano and Reeves want to expand on, to help us understand the workings of the Riddler’s mind, to be able to see some insight into what’s usually the private work of a actor to create a shared role like that is really cool.

Now, where is our confirmation of the Selina Kyle series?

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