The 155 Podcast Questions for Hamilton School Board Candidates | TPR Hamilton

The Public Record interviews all candidates running in Hamilton’s 2022 municipal election. At each race, candidates are asked the same questions in our podcast interview.

The questions give candidates the opportunity to articulate their platform while asking them to explain how they will make decisions over the four years they hope to serve on Hamilton’s public or Catholic school boards.

The questions they will answer are listed below.

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School counselor questions

1. Who is [YOUR NAME]?

2. Why are you running for Trustee?

3. How have you contributed to your school community and your education in Hamilton?

4. Arguably, school trustees only exist to provide local parents with someone to blame for provincial decisions. The autonomy of local school boards is limited. What do you see as the role of the modern school counselor?

5. What are your priorities for improving public education in Hamilton?

6. What three skills have you demonstrated that make you the best choice to entrust as [Ward] School commissioner?

seven. What two policy or practice changes do you want to make during your four-year term on the board?

8. The year is 2026. The Public Record is writing an assessment of your performance over the past four years. What three words do you hope will describe your tenure on the board?

9. As a school counselor, your duty is to ensure the highest quality of education for students throughout the school system.

ten. How will you handle a staff recommendation to close a school in your neighborhood that professional board staff believe will enable the board to provide a higher quality of education system-wide?

11. How will you inspire public confidence in trustees and the school board?

12. Thank you, that’s the end of the prepared questions sent to you in advance.

How can people find out more about your platform and get in touch with you?

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