Take the CBSE board exams this year? Here are 5 tips you can’t ignore

The 2022 CBSE board exam is approaching and students are busy preparing for their exams these days. Many students are concerned about the change in the jury exam model. Typically, most students make common mistakes on exams, losing points. But by taking care of certain things during the exam, not only can you get good grades, but also reduce your stress.

The examinations of the board of directors of the CBSE will take place in 2 terms. The exams for trimester 1 for class 10 have started. Class 12 first trimester board exams will begin on December 1, 2021.

So, if you are also someone who is going to take counseling exams this year, these five tips will surely help you.

1) Not reading the questionnaire correctly:

When students take the jury exam, they do not read the questionnaire correctly, which sometimes leads to errors. For this reason, they do not understand the question. Many students get nervous when giving board exams.

Solution: After obtaining the document, it is advisable to read it carefully. Now decide which questions you will try first. Complete the questions that you can answer first.

2) Focus on good writing:

The writing also carries grades in board exams. Students often write their answers in a hurry and do not focus much on handwriting.

Solution: Sometimes marks are deducted for bad writing. When writing the responses, make sure your handwriting is readable. Always write your copy in such a way that the person reviewing it can easily read and understand it.

3) Block on certain questions

Sometimes students spend more time on questions they are not supposed to answer. There are times when they get stuck.

Solution: First, write down the answers to the questions you know well. This strategy will prevent you from wasting your time.

4) Review the answer sheet after completing the article

Many students do not revise the document after writing it. By reviewing the paper, you discover your mistakes at the last moment.

Solution: Before submitting the copy, review it once. You will be able to correct any mistakes you may have made when you first tried a question.

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