Stop commenting, writing nonsense on social networks! The government took this step to punish the culprits

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come Over time, writing, commenting on social media can be overwhelming for you. In fact, the government is set to take a tougher stance to ensure social media companies are held accountable for content. The IT rules have been changed for this. Giving insight in this regard, State Minister for Information Technology (IT), Rajiv Chandrashekhar, said on Saturday that changes to IT rules will force social media companies to be more careful so that no content illegal or false information is published. on their platform. Go. This will help prevent misuse of the social media platform.

IT rules have changed

On Friday, the government changed IT rules to ensure complaints about content on social media platforms are handled appropriately. Under this, it was announced to form appeal commissions in three months. These committees will be able to review decisions about content regulation by social media companies such as Meta and Twitter. Describing the formation of three Grievance Appeals Committees (GACs), Chandrashekhar said the government was aware of hundreds of thousands of messages received from citizens alleging that their grievances were not being properly addressed by social media companies. He said that was not acceptable.

Social media company can’t escape responsibility

Chandrashekhar said the government wants to see social media companies working as partners to ensure the interests of “digital citizens” are protected. The social media company cannot shirk its responsibility. Sending a stern message to big business, the minister said that whether these forums are American or European, if they want to work in India, their community guidelines cannot conflict with the constitutional rights of Indians. “These forums have an obligation to remove any false information, illegal content or material that promotes enmity between different groups within 72 hours,” he said. He said he personally considers the 72-hour deadline to be too long and that social media platforms should act quickly on illegal content.

Not interested in playing the role of Lokpal

“The government is not interested in playing the role of Lokpal. This is a responsibility we reluctantly take on as the grievance mechanism is not working properly,” Chandrashekhar said. He said behind this there is no intention to target or create problems for any company or middleman.

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