Some of the Best Writing Apps for Travel Bloggers

Earlier we talked about digital nomads – people who have an affinity for working for their employers or contractors remotely from outside the office or even the country. Travel bloggers also fall under the broad umbrella of digital nomads or tech nomads; considering how modern blogging is mostly technologically integrated.

Here we are going to look at some of the latest and best writing tools or apps up for grabs for travel bloggers who are busy traveling and crossing continents to tell their stories to the world. We exclude the obvious choices such as MS Word, Google Docs or Pages since most are familiar with them.

However, these applications are not the only ones used by bloggers. In fact, some of the apps on our list may actually be much better suited to the requirements of writers depending on their approach and working techniques.

01 – Ulysses

Kicking off the list is a very simplistic yet sophisticated writing app called Ulysses that is powerful, distraction-free, and comes with a myriad of rich features that can often be missing from MS Word or Google Docs.

This one is actually an ideal and must-have app for bloggers who are also Apple users as it allows easy synchronization via iCloud so that bloggers can share their materials on their linked Apple devices. The best thing about Ulysses is the feature that allows direct posting of documents to platforms like WordPress or Medium. The app also lets writers save drafts to an organized library to make it easier to revise unfinished work.

This is actually the best recommendation for writers who are tied to multiple web projects at any given time.

02 – Reed

This one here is a web-based writing tool that is free and is actually the best bet for anyone writing a novel. But it’s also a safe recommendation for travel writers who want to share travel stories.

The UI is minimal and no-frills which means users can easily navigate the app without encountering too many complicated buttons or pop-ups. The app also lets readers actively seek out ghostwriters, editors, and even designers, which is perfect for content-focused travel writers.

However, there is a downside to this one since the app is heavily geared towards storytellers or authors. So, bloggers who produce written material in formats other than a story might want to check out other options.

03 – iA Writer

If you are one of those writers who just want to write and don’t care about formatting, fonts or other such details, then iA Writer is the best one for you. The app has one of the simplest interfaces you can find in writing-related software.

This minimalist writing app is perhaps the best distraction-free app for writers who don’t want to spend time trying to learn new software. Some of the standout features of the iA Writer include full screen mode as well as a dark mode which is actually ideal for nocturnal animals producing their best tunes in the dead of night.

04 – Evernote

For screenwriters who have a lot to do for them in terms of projects. Evernote has actually become a byword for the go-to productivity tool among many bloggers due to the rich features it comes with.

Some of Evernote’s strengths include its ability to integrate multiple types of documents or digital media without breaking document formatting. Users can easily drag and drop links, images or even lists into a single area and organize them however they want.

Although a little hard to get used to, once mastered, Evernote is hard to pull apart, which is a testament to just how powerful a writing tool it has become.

05 – Aerial history

This particular writing app is fantastic for writers with research-oriented content. Airstory is unique in nature as it seamlessly merges content research and writing process through a separate drag and drop feature.

The app allows users to drag wanted content into the platform and organize them according to how they want to use them. On top of that, Airstory’s web slicing tool allows users to save just about anything you come across on the internet, be it a single paragraph or an entire page.

Another strong point of Airstory is that it works in tandem with other popular writing apps such as WordPress or Google Docs, allowing users to easily export their finished documents to these platforms.

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