SEVENDUST completes the writing of a new “special” album: “The Songs Are Magical”

SEPTEMBER just wrapped up writing sessions for their upcoming studio album at a Kentucky farm near the band’s lead singer’s home Lajon Witherspoon. The band will enter the studio in early July to begin recording the 2020s sequel “Blood and Stone” for release in 2023.

Friday (June 24),SEPTEMBER drummer Morgan Rose shared a photo from the latest writing sessions on instagramand he wrote in an accompanying message: “I started this band in ’94 (I think?). In ’96 we had a deal and started touring non-stop!!! Honestly? I don’t even know how many records we have I didn’t understand But the process was different for most of them Some fun, some stressful, some annoying?

“I can say without a doubt that this trip was my favorite of our career. Just 5 guys on a farm, creating. Telling each other how much we love each other, supporting each other, enjoying being together. No strangers, no drama, no bullshit. Just us.

“I realized we weren’t ‘totally’ alone in this process since probably the first record. I think we all needed this journey more than we even knew. When you spend most of the last 26 years with the same people, sometimes you forget how much you care about them. It was a great achievement for us. The songs are magical, the vibe of the album is magical, our relationship with each other others is magic.

“Thank you @ljspoon and @ashleymwitherspoon, for providing the most incredible backdrop for us to write on. Ash, you went above and beyond to help us. Thanks. Jada and kingston, I love you both. Thank you for coming everyday to let us hug you both and give us a break from the mind meld. And to my boys lj@clintloweryofficial , @jmc7d and @thevinniehornsby I love you so fucking much.

“This is a special record. And yes, the caption is missing from the photo. Because he takes the photo. #sevendust2023”.

Lajon also shared some photos from the sessions on instagram and wrote, “What a great writing section with the family, a very special place here needed some time together @sevendustofficial love my brothers. Thank you so much @ashleymwitherspoon for coming to bring food and the kids. I have can’t wait for you to see what we have in the kitchen”.

SEPTEMBER guitarist Clint Bassey weighed in via the comments section, writing, “@ashleymwitherspoon @ljspoon best host ever. You made this the best writing experience of our career. Thank you for EVERYTHING.”

SEPTEMBER recently completed two legs of his tour celebrating the 21st anniversary of his “Animosity” album.

SEPTEMBERthe third album of, “Animosity” was released in November 2001 via TVT recordings. The record peaked at number 28 on the Billboard 200 and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in March 2002 for shipments of more than half a million copies.

Last December, SEPTEMBER released an extended digital edition of “Blood and Stone”. “Blood and Stone Deluxe” contained five new tracks, including three previously unreleased remixes and two newly recorded songs. Jake Bowen of PERIPHERY, Richard Wicander of THE FIRE OF THE GODS and Justin de Blieckformerly of ICE NINE KILLEDprovided remixes and the band finished recording “All I Really Know” and “What you are” specifically for this version. “Blood and Stone Deluxe” was published via all digital partners via Climb records and was produced by Michael “Elvis” Basketball.

Earlier this month, Pink Told “The Jasta Show” this SEPTEMBER won’t hit the road in support of his next studio album until 2023. He also revealed that “there won’t be many [tours] left, I’ll just tell you that. I’m going to be the one to let all the cats out of the bag, but I can just tell you that we’re not going to be here, fully fledged, forever, that’s for sure,” he added cryptically. .

Last March, withered spoon Told St. Louis Post-Dispatch this “Blood and Stone” shows SEPTEMBER is “still standing the test of time. It was great doing the album with [Baskette] again in Florida. It was a good time. We wanted to hit [listeners] hard and let them know we still have it and we’re not afraid to release slower songs too.

As for the decision to release a “deluxe” version of the LP, Lajon said, “We wanted to put some extra songs on there, B-sides that people hadn’t heard. It’s a bit more of a treat.”

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