School News, May 26, City of Southampton

  • Students from the Eastport-South Manor School District recently participated in the district’s first STEAM Fair at Eastport-South Manor High School on May 12.

  • Patricia McCormick, co-author of “I Am Malala” with Malala Yousafzai, was recently a guest speaker at Pierson Middle School. She is accompanied by seventh-grade student Lia Mizrahi-DeMattei. COURTESY OF SAG HARBOR SCHOOL DISTRICT

  • Members of the Southampton Primary School Fit Club recently took part in a county-wide Fit Club competition in Sayville. Led by counselors Toni Dottin and Chrissie Fagereng, the fourth and fifth graders showed off their athletic skills by participating in various relays. Throughout the competition, students experienced what it’s like to be part of a team by providing support, encouragement and inspiration to their teammates while helping them achieve their highest level of fitness. They also developed their strength, both physically and mentally. COURTESY OF SOUTHAMPTON SCHOOL DISTRICT

  • Hampton Bays High School student Jhon Esteban Arias Leon has won third place in Suffolk County’s ‘Writing the Wave’ creative writing competition, sponsored by the Bay Street Theatre. He is accompanied by his teacher, Kathleen McEarlean. COURTESY OF HAMPTON BAYS SCHOOL DISTRICT

  • Westhampton Beach Middle School students recently raised $193 for the Anderson Center for Autism as part of an autism awareness fundraiser. The students collected donations during their lunch periods. The fundraiser was led by Westhampton Beach High School senior Abby Edwards, who has coordinated local Autism Awareness Pajama Day fundraisers for the Anderson Center since 2017. This year alone, she has raised 9 $547 through various fundraisers. COURTESY OF WESTHAMPTON BEACH SCHOOL DISTRICT

  • Winners of Hampton Bays Elementary School’s annual science fair showcased their science skills. COURTESY OF HAMPTON BAYS SCHOOL DISTRICT

  • Members of the Our Lady of the Hamptons tap team are heading to the That’s Entertainment National Finals, to be held in Boston in July. COURTESY OF NOTRE-DAME DES HAMPTONS SCHOOL

  • Dressed in their best, Westhampton Beach Elementary School students recently attended their school’s annual formal luncheon. As part of the event, the PTA decorated the cafeteria with balloons and colorful tablecloths and helped serve a fancy lunch to the students. COURTESY OF WESTHAMPTON BEACH SCHOOL DISTRICT

  • To inspire Westhampton Beach Elementary School students to read, the school celebrated Choose a Reading Partner Week during the week of May 16 through a variety of themed days. The students also actively worked to complete a “Readopoly” board that included a variety of reading tasks. COURTESY OF WESTHAMPTON BEACH SCHOOL DISTRICT

  • Bridgehampton School pupils, left to right, Arianna Verzosa, Jeffrey Soto, Ashli ​​Reyes and Asucena Ramos with their Scribble Stones, which they made after reading Diane Alber’s ‘Scribble Stones’, a story comforting on a small stone that was able to spread kindness to the world. Inspired by the story, they decorated stones with positive images and kind messages to place around the Bridgehampton community on a walking tour. The students carefully selected places in the hamlet where they thought their happy stones would be seen by the most people and spread the most happiness. COURTESY OF BRIDGDEHAMPTON SCHOOL DISTRICT

  • Students in Claire Urizzo’s class at Hampton Bays Elementary School, including Cristofer Huerta Potrero, practiced and memorized multiplication problems as part of a spring-themed creative project. Each student received a paper flower and a multiplication problem. They were then challenged to create a chart, skip count and show repeated additions and equal groups related to the problem on each petal of the flower. COURTESY OF HAMPTON BAYS SCHOOL DISTRICT

  • Southampton Primary School food service staff Sully Gutierrez, left, and Ann Sorace, right, were helped by chef Ryan Kennedy from Brigaid to prepare fresh food for the pupils. COURTESY OF SOUTHAMPTON SCHOOL DISTRICT

  • Southampton high school students, left to right, Turner West, Clare Gabriele and Margaret Gabriele, were honored for joining the army at a ceremony on May 19. COURTESY OF SOUTHAMPTON SCHOOL DISTRICT

  • Westhampton Beach High School seniors, left to right, Dominic Jurgel, Joshua Heino, Piergiorgio Pirronni, Antony Rojas and Andrew Torrez Romero, were honored for entering the military at a ceremony May 19. COURTESY OF WESTHAMPTON BEACH SCHOOL DISTRICT

  • Hampton Bays high school students, from left, Christhian Jara, Nicolas Velasquez, Evan Kuffner, Anahi Hernandez Sanchez, Maria Teyul and America Mendoza Medina, were honored for joining the military in a May 19 ceremony. COURTESY OF HAMPTON BAYS SCHOOL DISTRICT

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