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When voting for school board members, I think it’s important to look at how some parents have been treated by members over the past two years. There was complete disregard and disrespect for parents from some members, if those parents opposed them. These school board members acted more like dictators than elected officials.

It’s become a big problem in our country, with elected officials thinking they have absolute power over citizens, and it was blatantly evident at every school board meeting last year. Many members turned the concerns of parents into an us versus them situation that was cheap and did a disservice to all the children in the district.

I have seen adults in this council who were more concerned with their personal careers or advancing political agendas, than they were with children who desperately needed strong, moral and compassionate adults to take decisions about their educational needs.

Alachua County was once known for its Stellar School District. We have become troublesome for the past two years. Regardless of my political status, I’m ready to have people on the board I can be proud of, even if I don’t agree with them.

Kim Hickey, Newberry

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Weak explanation

My current Gainesville Regional Utilities bill (for 35 days instead of 30) is the highest in 18 years. I went to the GRU to have this bill explained to me. The customer service man walked me through (irritably) the three reasons why my bill is $100 higher this month.

• They didn’t have enough meter readers last month to read 30 days. It took five more days to hire more meter readers. (Not my problem.)

• Average temperatures have increased by 10 to 12 degrees since last year. (Explained as if I weren’t reading the global warming news.)

• People (ie me) are not adapting their way of life to rising temperatures. (Translation: If you don’t want higher bills, adjust your thermostat or don’t complain.)

The cost of our electricity is based on the levels of use: level 1 is equivalent to 850 kWh and level 2 is equivalent to more than 850 kWh. The extra five days it took GRU to hire more meter readers pushed many people to the higher Tier 2 rate. In our case, that comes out to $106.55.

I was told they don’t adjust the bills, ever. They cannot know which day, of their 35 days of service, our consumption exceeded 850 kWh.

We are stuck with this weak explanation and with GRU.

Melanie Peter, Gainesville

Devastating impact

We are writing to express our strong opposition to the Gainesville City Commission’s proposal to eliminate single-family zoning citywide. This proposal will have a devastating impact on historic neighborhoods where residents have invested time, toil and treasure for their growing families. We will stand with others to campaign against any commissioner (current or future) who favors this ill-considered proposal.

This proposal is a direct threat to the character and livability of our neighborhoods. This will lead to increased traffic, congestion and noise, and lower the value of our homes while forcing families out of these beautiful neighborhoods. This is nothing more than a giveaway to the developers, and we won’t tolerate it.

We urge the Gainesville City Commission to drop this proposal and instead focus on ways to improve the city and protect the historic neighborhoods that make our city a great city for all residents.

Roy and Florida Alford and family, Gainesville

Benefit for tenants

The recent opinion piece by Sheila Payne and Jason Fultz says it all. I can see a time when “landlords” would proudly display their certificate of compliance with these rental property practices and standards, just as restaurants prominently display their Department of Health inspection rating. What a godsend that would be for future tenants!

Steven Kirn, Gainesville

Support DeSantis

Excellent opinion piece by guest columnist Edward Harmon regarding the governor of Florida versus the Democratic governors of California and Illinois. It’s so important for all Florida residents to vote this fall and support our Republican Governor!

David C. Gollwitzer, Gainesville

Speaking of crimes

I heard on the news recently that Donald Trump was going to speak at a conservative rally in Washington. He was going to talk about the crime.

It made me laugh. After all, who knows more about sexual assault, insurrection, incitement to riot, perjury, possibly treason and fraud, to name a few.

Thomas R. Weller, High Sources

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