School association alleges professional misconduct in marking board exams

The CBSE Schools Association alleged malpractice during the CBSE Term 1 2021 board review and wrote a letter to the board regarding the manipulation of results and the paper leak.

CBSE Schools Association Alleges CBSE Exam Paper Leak, Manipulation of Results

NEW DELHI: From the wrong answer to the controversial shift to the last-minute change in the exam template, the 2021 Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE) exam has been embroiled in controversy. The CBSE Schools Management Association (CSMA) recently wrote to the board about “loopholes, malpractices and resulting technical issues causing bias in the CBSE Class 10, 12 Quarter 1 2021 exam.” The association also asked the jury to cancel the CBSE exams for semester 1 and not to validate the marks.

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Since the start of the CBSE Semester 1 exams for grades 10 and 12, the CBSE has faced a deluge of criticism. The schools association informed the board of directors of the types of malpractice or cheating found during the CBSE 2021 board review and listed the ‘fundamental flaws in the whole review process “.

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“These kinds of malpractices in the CBSE Class 10, 12 exams resulted in high marks being awarded to undeserving students and harmed truly successful students and disciplined schools, who remained demoralized and disappointed,” he said. he declared.

For the 2020-21 academic year, the CBSE has introduced a new exam model and has divided the CBSE Class 10, 12 exam into two terms. Term 1 was produced as multiple choice questions (MCQ) and term CBSE 2 as descriptive. The objective of the jury was to test the objective and analytical skills of the students. However, the introduction of MCQ and OMR cards in July left less time for students and teachers to listen.

As a result, students on CBSE Board exams were heavily reliant on the sample CBSE documents for practice, according to the letter. It is important to note that there have been several reports of last minute changes in the exam template and differences in instructions.

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CBSE Term 1: “flawed review framework”

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, the CBSE has authorized the same school centers for board exams. That is, students could take the CBSE board exams in their own schools. The association said the “major problems” were due to the allocation of self-centers.

“We regret to report that there was a huge gap in the exams which compromised the total integrity and discipline in the way the Semester I exams were conducted for the year. university 2021-2022, “he said.

The letter further stated: “We understand that the CBSE had given the colossal responsibility of conducting the exams in a fair manner to schools, but unfortunately, using the multiple loopholes in the exam process, various wrongdoings were observed everywhere which resulted in a huge dilution of ethics and moral values, resulting in a complete loss of the spirit of the exam. “

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“Handled OMR sheets”

The school association CBSE claimed that the system of providing an empty box at last to write the correct answer in the OMR sheet has been ruthlessly exploited. And that the CBSE schools also benefited from a supervisor from the same school.

Claiming that the schools’ own scoring of the OMR sheet motivated many schools to post the ‘grades they liked’, the association alleged that they manipulated the results of the CBSE Quarter 1 exam because they had about 5 hours to update the notes.

The late arrival of the CBSE trimester 1 answers (between 1:45 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.) gave schools enough opportunity to make changes to the OMR sheet before the actual assessment, he said. declared.

He also made accusations of nepotism in the assessment, as the CBSE’s OMR sheets have the students’ name and roll number on them.

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CBSE paper leak, response manipulation

The CBSE Quarter 1 exam questions were normally uploaded between 9.45 a.m. and 10 a.m., approximately one hour before the exam started. “The question papers were instantly disclosed to the students via WhatsApp / LAN / printout, in which the students were asked to wait in a private room and entire answers were informed comfortably to achieve very high marks,” reads -on in the letter addressed to the jury. .

He further alleges that schools have asked students to write “c” in the last answer box, in case they are not sure of the answer. After the exam was completed, supervisors at their own school replaced the “c” with “a”, “b” or “d”, whichever was correct.

The CBSE Schools Association said it was after this that the board sent out a new circular ordering the response mode to be changed from lowercase to uppercase in the response box. However, the major CBSE exams were nearing completion by this time.

Technical issues

The CBSE introduced a system where questionnaires were sent to schools via email with encryption and decryption passwords to the Shiksha email id and operational codes were sent to schools via WhatsApp. “There was a glaring inconsistency in the times at which passwords and codes were sent,” the CSMA said.

This also resulted in insufficient time for printing questionnaires. Schools were required to change exam times each day based on the time the password was communicated to the school by the CBSE.

Several schools faced logistical challenges and had to hire additional printers, forcing students to wait until noon in the exam room. The shading of OMR sheets was also assessed manually without the aid of an optical reader. “Therefore, the very purpose of using the OMR sheet was lost as manual correction offered a large possibility to manipulate the actual results,” he added.

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