Royal Enfield Slide School Italy will offer flat track training in 2022

Royal Enfield’s Sliding School is picking up speed in 2022. For those unfamiliar, the premise is simple: learn to go fast and have fun on specially prepared bikes based on Royal Enfield’s Himalayas, called FT 411s. Drifting down a dirt road with no front brakes and perfecting your skills sounds like a blast, doesn’t it?

For the first time, Royal Enfield is bringing Slide School to Italy in 2022. With the help of Booming Garage, Slide School plans to take part in several events this season, all over Italy. Italian motorcycle publication Motorcycling recently took a course and shared the experience with readers.

The day begins with breakfast, followed by a briefing and slide theory lesson. It’s different from other types of driving, so you may need to forget (at least temporarily) what you think you already know. Once the class portion is over, it’s time to get on your bike and test your understanding of the theory. If you’ve had other types of motorcycle training, the sequence of events here probably sounds familiar.

Instructors are there to mentor riders and help build their confidence and skills as riders begin to practice everything they’ve learned on the track. There’s also a lunch break and then more track time to continue honing those skills throughout the extremely visceral experience.

While there are definite plans to hold more Slide School events in Italy this year, full details on where, when and how much classes will cost are not available as of April 22, 2022. In fact, although the name domain has been purchased, and the Slide School intends to have a form where you can sign up for more information, it is still under construction at the time of writing.

For now, if you’re interested, your best bet may be to follow the official Royal Enfield Slide School Italy Instagram, which we’ll link to in our sources. Slide School says it’s also happy to respond to direct messages there, and an official email address is listed in the bio if you have any questions you’d like to ask while we wait for the official class schedule and registration.

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