Reddit links on cutting board hacks and jokes

Editors to offer a variety of tips to ensure cutting boards last a long time, including “Never cut on the side of the logo, that’s for when you put it away in sight, and it keeps the logo/design nice and fresh .”

One Redditor reports that letting cutting boards stay wet for too long can mess it up, then added, “I exclusively put them in the dishwasher anyway because I’m a lazy person and the warping is barely noticeable.” Another user shares a neat way to clean cutting boards by putting them in the tub for a full and thorough rinse saying, “I’m serious. Bring the dish soap and a scrub brush and use the hot water from the bathtub faucet. Works perfectly.”

Meanwhile, a tip from another user suggests that a farmers market is a great place to find amazing cutting boards for everyday use, prompting someone else to write: “[The chopping boards are] usually in the form of the state you live in. Lol. Another thinks less is more, saying, “I have minimum requirements for my cutting boards. Here is the list : LARGE WOOD SLAB.”

Whether you use a wooden or plastic cutting board, you can find some great advice on this Reddit thread, along with some funny banter. However, here’s why you should think twice before using a glass cutting board.

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