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The November elections are only a few weeks away, and the citizens of Altoona have an obligation to vote for qualified school board candidates.

I support you and encourage you to vote for Kelly Irwin Adams, Val Mignogna, Stephanie McGinnis, Dave Francis and David Greenwood.

Irwin Adams has proven to be an asset to the board, being a former teacher, one who studies problems and a champion of students, teachers and education.

Mignogna will be an additional resource on district health issues due to her college degrees / training and professional employment.

McGinnis is a former teacher and will bring his experience in this regard and as a business owner and parent.

Francis is a long-time member of the board of directors and has served as a state auditor. Finally, Greenwood is an excellent Republican candidate, with background in education, to fulfill Mike Baker’s two-year term.

Please come out and vote on November 2 and support the candidates mentioned.

Ed Kreuz Jr.


(The author is a member of the Altoona Region School Board.)

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