Realtors For Luxury Homes Announces New Copywriting Service for Luxury Realtors

The multi-million dollar luxury home market is growing with intense activity across the United States and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

—Allison Sledge

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, June 11, 2022 / — Allison Sledge and Herb Schwarz have a proven track record of running a highly successful business and have now diversified and expanded their writing, publishing and distribution of press releases. Services exclusively for real estate agents who sell luxury homes.

Allison Sledge is the founder, CEO and editor, as well as the managing editor, and Herb Schwarz is the company’s president and editorial and editorial assistant. Together they form an award-winning dynamic duo and want to focus exclusively on the luxury home market and real estate agents who want unprecedented exposure for their luxury home listings.

Allison says, “There are many new opportunities for luxury realtors that most have not yet taken advantage of. It is imperative for them to distinguish themselves from other agents in this highly competitive market. The most important aspect is that the agent connects their listings with qualified, affluent, and interested buyers. What I do is interview the agent and write his story along with the story of his luxury property for sale, because potential buyers want to imagine themselves living in the house, and there is no better way to convey that feeling than through storytelling. .”

Herb agrees. “Wealthy people like to spend their money on fancy homes and are constantly looking for luxury homes across the country. However, there are very few websites online where they can view these homes, so we bring the luxury homes to them, per se, as we post their story on thousands of business websites where they can view the history and beauty of the home, and many of them have more than enough money to buy multi-million dollar homes.

Each house has its own story and selling an exclusive luxury property is a challenge. You must be able to reach far and wide to find the special buyer who resonates with the location, lifestyle and distinctive features that are history…that’s what “Realtors for Luxury Homes” does for its customers and for their exclusive properties.

“Would you market a luxury home the same way as a two-bedroom condo? Allison asks, “Of course not. We know a luxury property needs so much more than that, and by understanding the psychology of high-end buyers, our experience provides our clients with extraordinary writing and distribution services and their press releases are published throughout the country and around the world, as well as on all major television and radio stations, newspapers, blogs and magazines in the state in which they reside. Our services cover everything locally, regionally, nationally and internationally with just one press release per ad. »

Herb says, “Our blend of creativity and marketing techniques elevates and separates our clients and their unique luxury property from the competition and our PR firm matches the quality of the properties our clients are selling. Additionally, we specialize in raising the bar for luxury real estate marketing, as we provide a platform for their stories to be read and their properties to be seen around the world.

The multi-million dollar luxury home market is booming with intense activity across the United States and won’t be slowing down any time soon, therefore, it’s mandatory for elite home realtors luxury homes to market themselves so that potential buyers can find out who they are and the type of stylish homes they are selling.

One of the key factors in marketing a luxury home is spending time and money the right way. One of the most important things is hiring a professional copywriter who takes the time to write a compelling description of the luxury property, which Allison Sledge does best. Then it publishes your story on recognized business news websites where each company makes billions of dollars in profits. Having the right story and visuals creates a brand for you and your luxury property listing ~ a unique identity. This will help a home stand out and attract buyers. Remember to consider the buyer you are trying to reach and the demographics of the publications readership.

To attract the right buyer, it’s worth investing in a specialist marketing department and “Realtors for Luxury Homes” is committed to providing excellent writing, editing, publishing and distribution to world-class companies, and more. Again.

The press release also includes real estate distribution, social media distribution, banking and investment distribution, and publication in newspapers across the United States. It’s all digital, so the press releases are all online and because they’re published on thousands of news sites, that credibility and SEO benefits are invaluable.

Herb says, “We want our clients to experience the benefits of global exposure, premium advertising and strategic brand marketing with a talented team of professionals dedicated to your success.

Allison says, “Writing is my passion and I love interviewing my clients and telling their stories. Herb and I have had great success with our press release services while writing for Realtors who have earned their Military Relocation Professional (MRP) certifications from the NAR and now we want to extend that success to Realtors specializing in the luxury home market. We are thrilled to expand our business in this breathtaking area and look forward to working with those who are equally thrilled to be able to sell luxury homes. When people are looking for an amazing home, we want to make sure our clients’ luxury properties are visible to them every time they search, from anywhere in the country and from anywhere in the world.”

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