Parents find professional misconduct during Sainik school entrance test

Some parents complained on Sunday of professional misconduct during the Sainik Schools admission test at a private school in Belagavi. They said authorities at Jain Heritage School disclosed a questionnaire to some selected parents and made an exclusive seating arrangement for some children to allow them to copy.

They also said school authorities allowed senior KAS officer Shashidhar Kurer to enter the school premises after the exam began, although he knew his daughter was writing the test.

Vishwanath Patil, a relative, said Mr. Kurer entered after all the other relatives had been sent. “We also saw four students come out of the exam room carrying questions. This is a blatant violation of the law, ” he said.

But some parents arrested Mr. Kurer, who was leaving the center, after a few minutes. He evaded questions and denied any wrongdoing. The KAS officer defended his position saying he went there to check on his daughter who was suspected of having symptoms of COVID-19 like her friends had them. Basavaraj S., another parent, said the school allows malpractice because it gives special treatment to children of government officials by setting them up separately and issuing a questionnaire.

This altercation caused some confusion in the school. Some parents called reporters while others called the police.

Meanwhile, school officials recalled four students from school, parents said.

Officers from the Udyambag Police Station, who rushed to the scene, called Ravi Bhajantri, Block’s education manager, to the scene.

Mr. Kurer, who is an administrative officer for CADA and the candidate’s father, denied the allegations. “I was allowed to enter the school campus because I am a government official on duty. I only went there to check if my daughter was okay. As a parent, I was slightly worried about his health as some of his classmates at KLE School had COVID-19-like symptoms the day before. But some parents misunderstood this. When they started making baseless allegations, I took my daughter from the testing center because I didn’t want to create controversy, ”Kurer said.

However, Mr Ravi Bhajantri said two contenders, including Mr Kurer’s daughter, were disqualified. He also said that an investigation would be ordered into the allegations.

Director Manjit Jain has denied the allegations. He said two students were called to his room just to test their temperature, after someone complained that they were from KLE School where some students had had COVID-19-like symptoms. When their temperature was found to be normal, they were returned to the examination room. No separate seating arrangements have been made. No documents were leaked either, he said.

Deepak Mokashi, who is in charge of the school’s public relations, said there was initially a misunderstanding about the incident among some parents, but the exam went as planned. “We will issue a detailed press release explaining all the facts,” he said.

An email sent to the Secretary of Defense, who is an ex-officio member of the Board of Governors of the Sainik School Society, has yet to elicit a response.

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