North Belfast Primary School hosts mini-film festival to ‘unlock the power of film’

A primary school in North Belfast has organized its own mini-film festival with the aim of “unlocking the power of film” to help children read and analyze.

Unable to attend this year’s Into Film Festival – a celebration of cinema and education for children – staff at Cliftonville Integrated Elementary School decided to bring the event to the students.

Teacher Michelle McAlonan approached the education charity Into Film for posters and movie banners to make the school look like a real festival.

Into Film helps educators “produce transformative learning outcomes for children and youth ages five to 19 in the classroom, extracurricular settings and at the movies.”

Its program includes the UK’s only school-specific movie streaming service, online educational resources and training, career information, movie screenings and a network of after-school movie clubs.

Ms. McAlonan said that by using the film as an educational tool, it had a positive impact on students’ literacy and analytical skills.

“We have been working with Into Film for several years and have always attended the festival,” she said.

“We didn’t want the kids to miss this year, so we decided to bring the festival to them for transport.

“I reached out to Into Film and asked if they had anything to make the school feel like a cinema and they provided tons of film related items including posters, badges and cards. revision.

“The kids did a fabulous job related to the movies they watched and we even ran a review writing competition. The girl who won wrote a great review on the movie Wonder, starring Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts.”

She said the kids liked to “watch a movie and discuss it afterwards.”

“It has been very beneficial for the children, especially for those who find it difficult to express their ideas in writing,” she said.

“It really helps encourage kids who don’t usually participate in class discussions.

“The relationship with Into Film has been excellent for the personal development of the children.

“When they watch a movie and do some literacy related activity, they don’t see it as schoolwork. They just love to talk about the characters, the storylines, the camera, and the storyline and it improves their language skills. writing.”

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