Nine Tips for Writing High-Quality Social Media Posts

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With so many other businesses on social media, getting potential consumers to notice yours can be an uphill battle. One thing you can use to set yourself apart, however, is the quality of your posts. With the right combination of words, visuals, and strategy, you can ensure your posts get the level of engagement you’re looking for.

To help you out, members of the Rolling Stone Culture Council each list their #1 tip for writing quality social media posts. Follow their expert advice to up your social media game and grow your audience.

Adopt a “thumb stop” mindset

Is the content you create compelling enough for your audience to stop and take the time to consume it? Thinking about the words and images used will help increase engagement and grow your audience. –Michael Klein, Trees Corporation

Stay true to your brand

Make sure your content is on brand. Your social networks are a representation of you and your brand; you can be anything you want to be, but always be consistent! – Adam Ayers, number 5

Consider your goal

Ask yourself what you want your audience to feel and do. Then create a message to elicit that feeling and drive them to that action. – Tivi Jones, Hi Awesome Girl

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Revise before posting

Ask two or three other people to review your content before hitting the “Publish” button. You’ll be shocked at the myriad ways a misplaced comma or mischosen word can impact your tone or even your message. It’s also a good habit to do a quick news search regarding the main topics of your proposed content before you post and accidentally embroil your brand in a heated debate. –Jeffrey M. Zucker, Green Lion Partners

Provide value

The best way to write a quality social media post is to focus on adding value. How does the public benefit from this information? Value can take many different forms, such as education, entertainment, or insight. It will be up to you to determine which content offers the most value to your subscribers. – King Holder, PROCUSSION

Write as you would speak

Nothing kills a social post faster than overloading it with corporate jargon or commercial language. If you didn’t say it like you typed it, it doesn’t belong on social media. End of the story. – Cate Rubenstein

Understand your audience

Write something that everyone can understand while appealing primarily to your target market. You want to consider the people who interact with your post the most and encourage them to do so. Usually giving an incentive to engage is a great way to get organic impressions of your post. – Christian Anderson (Trust’N), Lost Boy Entertainment LLC

Make the purpose of the connection

Clear and concise communication is key when it comes to social media. Think about what will interest your target audience and what will make them want to share it with others. Provide a mix of your own content and content from other relevant sources, but always in your own authentic voice. Your goal is to make a connection. – Liza Pruitt, Liza Pruitt Art

Be brief

Keep your sentences short. As trite as it sounds, shorter sentences are easier to read, which leads to higher attention span and, therefore, higher recall. Shorter phrases also create a pleasant melody during playback, while maintaining the rhythm. – Candice Georgiadis, Digital Day

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