Naresh Ramaiya embarks on writing several topics

Naresh Ramaiya is a self-directed graduate who has a background in computer engineering. In his spare time, he enjoys developing and working on websites and tries to share as much information as possible on a wide range of topics.

Naresh Ramaiya went to San Jose State University and graduated in Computer Engineering. However, his thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there and so he decided to work further and diversify further into areas like finance and real estate.

He enjoys working on different websites and filling them with information related to several topics. He likes to talk about all trending and fashionable topics and thus shares a wide range of articles. He wants his readers to gain knowledge and insight into several varied aspects.

One of the site’s main spokespersons reportedly said: “Naresh Ramaiya has always been curious and eager to share details about various things. This knack for always exploring more and the sincere desire to keep looking forward to trending news and details gave him the right boost to create several article-based websites.

He’s even worked in the equipment leasing and financing industry and he knows the best ways to leverage his knowledge and expertise in the right way. He always aspires to enrich his knowledge base and thus offer even more to his work. He believes there is no end to the learning curve and by sharing his two cents on trending news and stories, he is able to create the right audience base for himself.

On his website, one can find a wealth of information ranging from stock markets to the lawsuit of Johnny Depp to employment issues and job worries and everything in between. Those who wish to follow these blogs and learn more about the various topics he writes on should make it a point to visit

About Naresh Ramaiya

Naresh Ramaiya graduated from San Jose State University and majored in Computer Engineering. He likes to indulge in several professions and has thus tried many things. He also likes to write about all the business and hot topics.

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