My first weeks of school were… – Northern Star

My first weeks of school took a long time; however, as a transfer student looking to gain college experience, this is what I was hoping for.

As you would expect for a junior going to NIU, class work was the most time-consuming aspect of my first few weeks. I was surprised by the fast pace of classes so early in the semester. At my old college, classes usually covered foundation and review material right from the start, but that’s not the case here. Although more demanding, the courses here excite me for what the future holds. I understand that the topics here may translate into skills that I may use in the future.

Another part of my experience that took a long time was my stay at the Northern Star. In pursuit of the college experience, I wanted to get involved as much as possible. For this reason, I decided to join the Northern Star, and have been writing as an opinion columnist since the start of the semester. While meeting deadlines and coming up with ideas has been a handful, I’m grateful so far that I decided to do something more to get involved.

Although I haven’t had a chance to see all it has to offer, the NIU campus is one of my favorite parts of my time here so far. Small enough to feel navigable and big enough to feel like going to a real university, NIU’s campus felt full of things to do and places to see. One place that I thoroughly enjoyed is the recreation center and the variety of amenities it has. Also dinner was a positive aspect of my experience as I feel like I get what I pay for at every meal.

Finally, the real highlight of my first few weeks of the semester was the people. Whether it’s my roommates in my dorm, classmates, teachers, teaching assistants, or colleagues at the Northern Star, the people here have been very friendly and hospitable.

Although my first few weeks at NIU took a long time, I am confident that the campus and its people will quickly make me feel at home.

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