Ministry of Education ends construction of Clondalkin School

The Education Ministry has revealed that it will not proceed with the fit-out of a new school in the Kilcarberry residential complex in Condalkin.

The news was revealed to South Dublin County Councilors at the December council meeting.

Instead, the department said it would modernize and expand the existing National School of St Ronan to accommodate additional students.

In 2017, councilors voted to build 1,000 new homes on the 87.37-acre site at Kilcarberry Grange, which includes social and affordable housing.

Construction on the development began in April with Maplewood and Grandbrind, the construction contractor, saying it was “the first such public-private housing project to start in the country.”

“The construction of Kilcarbery Grange is the first development to emerge from the grand urban housing initiative of the government’s reconstruction plan for Ireland,” the statement read.

“The project is a joint partnership between the state and home builders to activate public land and develop sustainable urban neighborhoods with a mix of social, affordable and private housing.”

As part of the original plans, a new school was also to be built, but after delays this proposal has now been rejected.

Several councilors expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision of the Ministry of Education, Clondalkin councilor William Carey (SF) saying he was “very disappointed”.

He also expressed concern about the way the decision was conveyed to the local authority and “without any apparent consultation with the local community.”

“This is a serious development for advisors to consider and will have an impact on how we approach development plans as we move forward,” said Carey.

“The decision to include a school in the new development was seen as a positive part of the construction of the new community adjacent to Chateau de Grange.

“I will raise this issue at our regional committee meeting as soon as possible.

“It will also affect traffic in the area as the increase in population will be absorbed by the movement to schools through the new Nangor rd in the Bawnogue area.”

Carey added that the only other primary school in the local district is in Sruleen, across Corkagh Park and already at full capacity.

He said he is calling on the Education Ministry to reconsider the decision and will write to Minister Norma Foley to ask for an explanation of the cancellation.

Independent adviser Francis Timmons also criticized the decision, saying many families moving into developmental Kilcarberry could “have difficulty finding a place for their child.”

“This site, we are now informed, will be presented to council with a plan for up to 80 affordable housing units.

“I am very supportive of housing, but without sustainability we will continue to have major problems,” he says.

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