Essentially, the purpose of photography is to communicate and document moments in time. When you take a photo, you show a moment that has been frozen through an image. People often use photography as a medium whose main purpose is to communicate their thoughts and ideas to others.

Photography is a language that uses visual elements instead of words. Therefore, like any language, it can be used for artistic purposes. Just like English, perfectly appropriate for writing a rental contract with a landlord and just as good for creating the most beautiful poetry, photography fulfills its dual purpose without any contradiction.

What sets a true artist apart is that they have something important to say and they strive to deliver that message to the world. It is the human ability to interpret any information (including visual) in various ways that gives an artist the freedom to be literal. Good photographers do it exceptionally well. Their work is always open to interpretation; and he asks questions rather than giving answers.

Like any form of visual art, photography exploits the vulnerabilities of human visual perception and can make us feel emotions that move us and compel us to do things we wouldn’t even have thought of otherwise.

We often think that why photography can influence people so deeply? Unlike painting, photography requires the presence of an actual physical object in order to photograph it. This very fact is why we perceive any photo as something more real than any other type of visual representation of reality. This is something that is truly unique to photography, and it has taken time for artists who have chosen photography as their medium of creative expression to realize this.

MAG The Weekly team recently covered the Mini Thesis Show which was based on Communication Design at Karachi Arts Council, where art students showcased their work on the subjects as per their taste and expertise.

Sad day stop bullying

One topic that immediately caught my attention was that of the very talented Fizzah Fatima, who focused on creating an awareness campaign for everyone to stop bullying. She focused on all places, including schools and colleges. Her work has demonstrated the serious effects that bullying can leave on victims and how it can affect their mental health.

Enjoy my life, proud to be deaf

I was very fascinated by the colorful posters in one corner that showed the dedication and hard work of the very talented Saira Iqbal who proved that no barrier can stop a human being from achieving something if he really works for his goals. This proud and young artist has portrayed her work in a comedic style conveying that no deformity of any form can stop her from enjoying her life.

Hum Aur Animals

We often come across violent incidents against animals that truly break our hearts. Zeenat Soomro, a young artist focused on how we can play our part in doing something good and valuable for animals that can help them in any way possible. She also pointed out that a veterinarian is also needed at home for their basic needs and all treatments.

Commercialism vs Culture

Mr. Nazeef Shaikh, explored the old Jubilee neighborhood and showed viewers his work while reminiscing about the nooks and crannies of the very famous and one of the most important neighborhoods through his lens. His work has been designed with immense cleanliness while paying attention to every little detail.


Sign In is an app designed by Akash Kumar, for deaf people to communicate anytime and anywhere with people who don’t know sign language. In my opinion, it is a very noble step to help people with special disabilities so that they lead a normal life like all of us and that they do not encounter any obstacles in their daily tasks.

Inhabitant of Jinnahabad

Asad Ali, a talented resident of Jinnahabad, shared his relationship with the region’s ancient timber market as part of the Khoj Project, to portray and deepen critical understanding of Karachi’s City of Light and its complexities.

Rank o nasal

Rang o Nasal is a collection of works by Sachin Ramjee, who belongs to a minority Hindu community and has lived in Karachi for generations. His work was an ode to Karachi, which has several different minorities and people from different cultures living there together. His shots were neat and very precisely processed with all the details.

Urooj or Zawaal

One of the key topics that dominated the exhibition was exploring and discovering the different areas of Karachi’s ancient heritage. K. Mubashir Saeed, a talented photographer also detailed the ancient Jubilee district and captured every little detail of the area very well. I found it very fascinating to explore the region through the lens of the artist. •

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