Mineral obtains a grant for the design of the Larenim amphitheater | Local News

KEYSER, W.Va. — Funds have been received to design a new amphitheater at Larenim Park, and the Mineral County Commission hopes the project will receive more money in the coming months.

County Administrator Luke McKenzie provided updates on grant funding for the amphitheater at the commission meeting Tuesday morning.

The county has applied for funds from the State Department of Arts, Culture and History for the design phase of the amphitheater and will receive $15,000, half of the estimated cost of $30,000, said said McKenzie.

Additionally, the commission voted unanimously to allow planning firm RK&K to handle the grant-writing process for another set of funds the county hopes to receive for the project.

McKenzie said applying for the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund grant is “very cumbersome and time-consuming,” and county staff, including himself, are already scattered.

The planning firm’s Baltimore office has a dedicated grants team that will work with Keyser’s team on its development, McKenzie said. The grant they are seeking requires equal matching funds, and the commissioners will decide how much to request at a later date.

Using RK&K grant writers would cost $9,800, McKenzie said, but the fee is “totally worth it” for the quality of work provided.

The old amphitheater in the park, in poor condition, was demolished in March.

The construction of the new amphitheater is expected to cost up to $1 million.

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