Make safety a top priority this school season, call the police back

Road users are reminded to watch out for children walking or cycling to school and to watch out for crossing guards helping children cross the road

As summer draws to a close and students and staff prepare to start a new school year, the Waterloo Regional Police would like to remind the community to make safety a top priority.

All road users are reminded to watch out for children walking or cycling to school and to watch out for school crossing guards helping children cross the road. Motorists are also reminded to stop in both directions for school buses when they see red warning signals overhead and a flashing stop sign. New this year, school buses are equipped with flashing amber lights, indicating caution – please slow down and be prepared to stop.

We encourage drivers to give themselves extra time to reach their destination. Slow down and obey no stopping, no parking and reduced speed limits in school zones.

Parents and guardians are asked to promote safety to their children and remind them to stay alert, whether on the school bus, on foot or on their bike. They are also encouraged to:

  • Plan a safe route to and from school and practice before classes resume.
  • Cross at an intersection, a crosswalk or with a crossing guard.
  • Avoid distractions and put away electronic devices.
  • Make a school pick-up plan with your family or friends.

As part of our annual #WalkTheChalk event, Waterloo Regional Police are once again encouraging parents, caregivers and children to take time in the days leading up to September 6, 2022 to get outside and write safety messages along the school roads with chalk. The intention is for students to read these messages as they walk to school on their first day and help encourage safe walking and cycling. Parents, caregivers and children are also encouraged to send us a drawing, photo or video of their back-to-school safety message.

The Waterloo Regional Police will also participate in Project Safe Semester, a campaign that promotes the safety and well-being of university and college students. The campaign will run until September 24, 2022 to help ensure the safety and security of all community members.

Post-secondary students are encouraged to consider the following tips:

  • Lock doors, secure property and ensure window coverings are closed in bedrooms and bathrooms to ensure ultimate privacy.
  • Don’t let anyone into a building they don’t know.
  • Walk in groups whenever possible.
  • Cross roads at designated places in accordance with traffic lights.
  • If you use alcohol or drugs, do so responsibly. Plan ahead to ensure a safe arrival and return.
  • Immediately report any suspicious activity or individual to the police.

In addition, members of our Traffic Services Unit will provide law enforcement to target high-risk driving behaviors that impact the safety of children, cyclists and pedestrians in school zones across Waterloo Region. Motorists are reminded to slow down, be careful and watch for pedestrians crossing at crosswalks.

The Waterloo Regional Police Service is dedicated to keeping all children safe. Together with parents, caregivers and our community partners, we can help make safety a top priority in our community throughout the school year.


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