Madawaska elects school committee members and approves the school budget

Two popular Madawaska photographers won seats on the city’s board of directors and school board in Tuesday’s election.

MADAWASKA, Maine — Two popular Madawaska photographers won seats on the city’s board of directors and school board in Tuesday’s election.

Three seats were filled for the school committee, while only one place on the restricted council was available. Voters also approved the school’s budget for the coming year.

Chris Michaud, a photographer who can be found on various Facebook groups sharing different photos of sunsets, sunrises and nature, was elected to serve for three years on the board of directors. Michaud ran unopposed, obtaining 389 votes. Seven other people received unique votes as entries.

His first time as manager, Michaud said he was eager to learn the ins and outs of his new job as manager from his fellow board members, but had clear goals for keep up with the current wave of downtown projects launched by those currently overseeing things. .

I want to do my part to make Madawaska’s management team a positive and forward-looking group, serving the entire community honestly and honorably,” said Michaud. “Above all, with a constructive attitude, always with respect for those who serve at my side.”

Meanwhile, in the race for school boards with three seats available, Jacqueline Gruber got 213 votes and Jean Ann Thomas garnered 381 votes. The two replace Mindy Braley and Louis Dugal, who both resigned from the committee with a year to go.

Steve Deschaine, the man behind Deschaine Digital who, like Michaud, shares aerial photos of the Saint John Valley on various Facebook pages, won the election to serve for three years on the city’s school board against incumbent Nicholas Guerette by only 19 votes. Descahine received 214 votes, against 195 for Guerette.

“My main goal is to make the town of Madawaska fall in love with the school again and bring back the pride of Hibou,” Deschaine said. “I feel like we lost sight of that when we tried to merge schools, and now that won’t happen, we have to focus on our own school.”

The school’s $8,082,530 budget, which had been discussed at a May 16 meeting, was approved with 294 votes in favor and 136 against.

The city also voted in favor of requiring the Madawaska School Department to continue holding a referendum to validate its annual school budget for the next three years with a total of 242 votes in favor and 185 against.

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