local school and special districts begin to consider cards for the passage to district elections | Local news

Santa Barbara County Independent constituency commission of citizens adopted a final map and most local towns are in the early stages of redistribution before their April deadline.

Meanwhile, several school districts and special districts in Santa Barbara County are moving to district-level elections for their boards of directors, with maps based on 2020 data. United States Census Bureau.

The following is a list of some of the agencies first passing elections at the district level, along with information about the process in each district.

Goleta Water District

the Goleta Water District began the process of transitioning to district level elections with a map hearing on December 9 and the next public hearing is expected to take place on January 22

With this new electoral process, residents will vote for a board member to represent their specific district, rather than the previous general electoral system, in which residents voted for multiple candidates, regardless of where they live.

the website detailing the Goleta Water District process currently includes five draft maps that can be viewed online, and the final five district map will be selected in spring 2022.

The first election electing two seats per constituency will take place in November 2022, with the remaining three seats being elected in the November 2024 elections.

Goleta health district

the Goleta health district is also transition from general elections to district elections elect council members to represent each of the five districts.

The first round of public hearings took place on November 1 and 20, and a second round of hearings for the draft maps is currently scheduled for March 2022.

Santa Barbara Unified School District

Santa Barbara Unified School District currently has six card proposals that he is studying because he transitions to director elections for his Board of Education.

Voters in each district would elect a member of the five-person Education Council.

The school district has been holding hearings and community meetings on this process since August and its next community meeting is scheduled for January 13 via Zoom.

The next public hearings will take place on January 25 and February 8, during which the current board members will select the recommended cards.

the County Committee on School District Organization will then hold a public hearing between February and March to approve the final map of five districts.

This transition and the district boundaries set will not affect where students attend school, and it only determines where board members are elected from. This applies to all subsequent school districts going through the district process.

Goleta Union School District

the Goleta Union School District The board of directors is also in the process of transition from general elections to regional elections by administrators.

The Goleta Union school district held public hearings in September before creating draft maps.

Two more public hearings were held in November and earlier in December, with another scheduled for Wednesday evening.

According to a letter from the district warden, the board will vote on the boundary map after Wednesday’s hearing.

Lompoc Unified School District

Lompoc Unified School District hired demographers to Redistribution partners to create a boundary map for its transition to district elections for the November 2022 elections.

A Redistricting 101 workshop was held at the board meeting on Monday to educate the board and the public on the process.

Further meetings are expected to take place once a month in January and February and two meetings will take place in March.

The school board must vote on a final card at the last meeting in March in order to meet the April 17th deadline.

District of the Lyceum of the Mixed Union of Santa Maria

the District of the Lyceum of the Mixed Union of Santa Maria The education council is meeting again this week to discuss the move to district elections for council members.

Six draft maps are currently available for consultation on the neighborhood website and the final map is expected to be adopted on January 11.

Orcutt Union School District

Orcutt Union School District is also in the process of transition to regional elections for partial administrators and the creation of district boundary maps.

The district administration board held its first public hearing on the matter on December 1, and the second hearing will follow on Wednesday.

The third public hearing is scheduled for January 12, where the board will select the final card.

The county committee on the organization of school districts will then hold a public hearing in February to approve the map and the change in regional elections by the administrators.

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