Letter writers endorse Fletcher for Swampscott Select Board

Fletcher will bring integrity, wisdom and finance experience to Select Board

MaryEllen Fletcher’s candidacy provides Swampscott with a unique opportunity to elect a board member with outstanding integrity, wisdom and experience in municipal finance.

A direct and honest leader, MaryEllen proved to be independent, practical and sensible. She is the kind of steward of Swampscott who will serve the residents of today as well as many generations to come.

She is interested in what voters think and I am confident that she will work with determination and courage to address our concerns. She is committed to using her commendable skills and considerable experience to improve our special seaside community.

I hope you consider it worthy of your approval and your vote on April 26. Thank you.

Anne Driscoll



Here’s why MaryEllen Fletcher is the best person for the job

Typically, most candidates for public office have a very positive and transformative platform, but inevitably most of their priorities seem remarkably similar. The problem becomes that the promises are easy to make, but the follow-up sometimes becomes more complicated, in part because of the complexity of decision-making in committee.

That said, I believe MaryEllen Fletcher’s platform goals are laudable; the qualities and characteristics most important to this writer relate much less to the goals set than to the individual who sets them. It is for this reason that I feel compelled to write this letter, because integrity, experience, candor and transparency are qualities that seem to get lost in the politics of the minute.

I often wonder watching select committee meetings for the consistent unanimity in their approach to topics with little or no debate. Looking back, one can only wonder if the five board members share the same thoughts, backgrounds and goals, or does their individuality give way to the spirit of cooperation that in itself does not isn’t a bad thing, but it often is. do not lead to the results sought by their constituents.

I cherish the spirit of debate that I anticipate or, more importantly, that I expect from council dialogue, rather than capitulating to an accepted position, endorsed by the city administrator and supported by council. I think MaryEllen will ask the right questions, sticking to her position, because at the end of the day, she believes it is in her interest and in the interest of her constituents and the Town of Swampscott itself- even to express themselves.

I cherish these characteristics. I admire individuality and will continually applaud those who are willing to stand up and be heard when I truly believe the basis of their feedback is to provide not just the best leadership, but leadership based on awareness that the most effective leadership comes from those who are most attentive and responsive to their constituents. I believe MaryEllen is that individual; I believe MaryEllen is the best candidate for the job.

I believe MaryEllen will bring pride to our city and our governance through her leadership, which she demonstrated as a long-term member of the finance committee and as a role model in the community.

Kenneth B. Shutzer

Salem Street

Constituency 6


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