Letter to the editor: Make your voice heard on school mask mandates

For the editor,

Deaf leaders unnecessarily put students at risk

– Last week, the Paso Robles School Board had the chance to read the writing on the wall and drop the face mask enforcement before the public backlash over how ridiculous it all got out of control. They did not take this opportunity. In fact, only two men stopped the 7-member council from discussing the issue. With the board meeting scheduled every two weeks, it’s fair to say that the backlash over ridiculous mask policies has now spiraled out of control.

On Tuesday morning, February 15, about 50 students entered Paso Robles High School without masks. These 50 students did so in violation of state, county, and district policy – ​​district law enforcement policy that would not exist but for the disgraceful behavior of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees” conservative” Chris Arend and his thick-as-thieves “conservative” pal. District Superintendent Curt Dubost. These two see it as the council’s duty to be local enforcers of the ineffective and dangerous mask policies recommended by maskless Governor Gavin Newsom. Hearing them talk about it sounds like they think the machinations of Gavin Newsom and those around him are “the law.” There is no law mandating the wearing of a face mask, in fact, requiring a face mask to be worn appears to be against the law.

The couple are so pro-mask they colluded and broke school district regulations to prevent the board from voting on the issue and may have violated state law in the process. That doesn’t stop the two from publicly proclaiming that they oppose face mask mandates. I’m calling on both to step down or the board has to step down. They are a danger to the students and a danger to the community.

The cronyism between the two is exactly the kind of cronyism that has caused the district so much trouble in the past, and it is exactly the kind of cronyism that a grand jury warned the board to stop engaging in. The council may not be listening, but many community members are. This cronyism is not acceptable.

Freshmen and seniors marched into Paso Robles High School without masks on Tuesday morning, announcing they were done with warrants. They entered the classroom and went about their business not under “the new normal”, but under the real normal. By doing so, they risked strict disciplinary action and risked having their academic records permanently tainted.

This was not supposed to happen. It was not a risk the students should take. But the deaf Dubost and Arend insisted that “their district” should act as Newsom’s local Nazi mask. I have news for them. It’s not their neighborhood. They work for the people of this community. They serve at the will and invitation of the people of that community. And standing up to this couple’s senseless and dangerous behavior is no reason for the young people of this community to have their permanent records tainted.

That is why last night I submitted the following to the Board Agenda Committee for inclusion on the agenda for the next meeting.

“Students in this community see the power of peaceful resistance as demonstrated by truckers in Canada and elsewhere. Moreover, it is clear that the mask mandate is not applied uniformly in California, as evidenced by the Superbowl. Finally, we know that students in other states are not wearing masks and staying safe. Therefore, the students have decided to use our constitutionally guaranteed rights to say that it is time to get back to normal and restore our rights.

“This district will provide a blanket waiver to all students who at any time have violated or will violate health mandates. No student will be disciplined at this time. Any disciplinary action currently being taken will cease. No school record will be tainted by such action. No attendance record will be tainted by such action. No student will be kept out of class. Any school records marked with such behavior will have that behavior removed from those records.

Please reach out to board members and ask them to support this.

This community must not only support these brave students, it must expose all students and staff, and it must ensure that the masked Nazis of 2020 and beyond are removed from power and never trusted in this authority again. . This should not be the goal only in the school district, but throughout the county and state. It all starts here. It all starts now. These brave students have started something that will not be repelled by any charlatan commanding false authority over them.

The next meeting of the Paso Robles Unified School District will be February 22 at 6 p.m. at 800 Niblick Road in Paso Robles. Mark your calendar and make your voice heard. The board will hear the above policy and two optional face mask policies. They will collect public feedback before acting on these policies.

Silence in the face of such evil perpetrated on the youth is a support for this evil. For my part, I am not silent.

Who is with me?


Allan Stevo
Community activist and author of “Face Masks in One Lesson” and “Face Masks Hurt Kids”

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