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Laurence Fishburne and Clifton Collins Jr. are set to star in Frank & Louisa prison drama that will be directed by Petra Volpe for Participant, Zodiac Pictures and Tyler Perry’s Peachtree & Vine Productions.

The feature film depicts a man serving a life sentence who accepts a job in prison caring for aging and infirm prisoners suffering from memory loss illnesses. What begins as a self-serving mission for parole morphs into a deep and transformative emotional relationship, offering a glimmer of redemption in an otherwise unforgiving prison.

Volpe will direct from a screenplay she co-wrote with Esther Bernstorff. Participant is producing the film with Reto Schaerli and Lukas Hobi of Zodiac Pictures, and Tyler Perry and Tim Palen of Peachtree & Vine Productions.

Cora Olson is co-producing, while Participant’s Jeff Skoll and Anikah McLaren are executive producers.

“I feel deep gratitude to the incarcerated men I met while researching this project, and I look forward to bringing this touching and timely story to the public. Hopefully this film will contribute to an important conversation about aging. , mental health and the prison system,” Volpe said in a statement.

Fishburne starred in the 2011 production of Participant Contagion, directed by Steven Soderbergh. “It’s amazing to watch this project grow,” Participant CEO David Linde said in his own statement. “Tyler Perry joining this incredible team, partnering with Petra, Clifton and Laurence, brings a unique creative dynamic to a powerful story that shows how shared compassion creates a unifying and uplifting experience.”

Fishburne is best known for his role as Morpheus in The matrix franchise, and also appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ant-Man and the Wasp and Passengers. Collins Jr. played a decisive role in 187, with Samuel L Jackson.

His other credits include Capote, Once Upon a Time in HollywoodJJ Abrams’ star trek and Pacific Rim. “I’ve been a longtime fan of Participant and the company’s commitment to storytelling that inspires social change. As an advocate of prison reform, the story of Frank & Louis and its powerful themes resonated with me, and I’m thrilled to be part of the creative team bringing this story to life,” Perry said in another statement.

Volpe is a Swiss and Italian screenwriter and director, with credits that include The Divine Order and Dreamland, while Bernstorff is a German film and television writer. Fishburne is represented by CAA and Landmark Artist Management, while Collins Jr. is represented by CAA and MGMT. Entertainment.

Volpe is represented by WME and MGMT. Entertainment, and Bernstorff is represented by Verlag der Autoren.

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