Jitx raises $12 million for its programmatic PCB design platform

PCB design startup Jitx Inc. today spear of stealth mode and revealed that it had secured a $12 million funding round led by Sequoia Capital.

The Series A round also included participation from Y Combinator, Funders Club and Liquid 2.

Jitx, based in Berkeley, Calif., has developed a software platform that electrical engineers can use to design printed circuit boards. A printed circuit board is the board-like electronic component that contains a device’s processor. It also contains wires that allow the processor to exchange data with the other basic components of the computer.

Circuit boards can be found in virtually any device that contains a chip. Hardware manufacturers often design custom circuit boards for new servers, connected devices, and other systems they bring to market.

Historically, circuit board design was similar to the process by which architects create blueprints for a new building. According to Jitx, its platform allows electrical engineers to take a different approach that requires less manual labor. The startup’s platform makes it possible to create custom circuit boards by writing software code.

Jitx has developed a specialized programming language optimized for PCB design. Companies can use this language to write code that describes the features, reliability requirements, and other properties of a new circuit board. The startup’s platform then automatically transforms the code into schematics.

“By writing code, our customers capture their skilled engineering knowledge in a simple, reusable format,” Jitx co-founder and CEO Duncan Haldane explained in a statement. blog post today. “Design steps that used to be done manually are replaced by scripts that do that design automatically.”

Another task that Jitx promises to automate is quality assurance. Using Jitx’s programming language, engineers can create software workflows that check a PCB layout for potential defects after every design change. By reducing the amount of manual work required to detect technical problems, the startup promises to save engineers considerable time.

According to Jitx, its platform also includes artificial intelligence algorithms that make several common design tasks easier. The platform can automatically perform derating analysis, the process of determining if certain components on a printed circuit board may be susceptible to heat-related malfunctions. Jitx’s AI algorithms can also help optimize individual components on a PCB and help with other tasks.

Jitx claims its platform enables engineering teams to produce new PCB designs up to six times faster than would otherwise be possible. Additionally, the startup’s platform promises to make it easier to reuse designs between projects. Making it easier to reuse designs allows engineers to reduce duplication of work and therefore further speed up development projects.

“A software engineer can upload code to GitHub and thousands of people can reuse that code in their own projects,” Haldane wrote. “Using a traditional hardware design flow, each of those thousands of engineers would have to redesign and reanalyze the same circuit to make sure the design will behave correctly in their product. JITX brings the productivity of software to hardware.

Alongside its stealth mode launch today, Jitx has made its platform generally available. Jitx plans to roll out more automation features for the platform to further speed up the PCB development process.

Photo: Unsplash

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