HYTE Y60 PC Case Review


HYTE Y60 Case (Black)

March 15, 2021

Type PC case

Price $199.99

HYTE debuted last year with its slim Mini-ITX/ATX PC chassis, the Revolt 3. The Revolt 3 is a bold design from the new subsection of IBUYPOWER. With its unique tool-less design, providing ample airflow in a somewhat tight case, HYTE turned heads with its initial case design.

The company is back, releasing the Y60, its first foray into an ATX-based PC case. The original debut was at CES 2022 in January, and the company sent us a black case to review.

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Let’s take a look at what the Y60 has to offer.

First, HYTE designed a mid-tower PC chassis with more than enough viewing capabilities for users and viewers with three transparent tempered glass panels. There is some space between each glass panel to allow air to escape. But, HYTE didn’t stop there. The company continues its technique of vertically mounting the GPU, with numerous vents surrounding the rest of the chassis so that air isn’t collected inside but pushed out through the surrounding vents. This attention to detail allows for efficient cooling when adding a liquid cooling system and offers the elimination of any heat pockets.

Continuing HYTE’s clean aesthetic, they strategically placed the power button and surrounded two USB 3.0, two USB-C 3.2 and an audio port for easy access to any corner desk layout. The case is made of ABS, steel and tempered glass, so it’s incredibly sturdy and built to last. The company warns users that tempered glass can be fragile. Therefore, when disassembling the case, you need to pay attention to the location of the panels so as not to damage them in the process. The Y60 comes in black (like the one we received) but also comes in white, and surprisingly they have a red variant. The red is striking, and for those looking for an aggressive setup, the red Y60 chassis is sure to please.

The HYTE Y60 can handle two 3.5″ HDDs or four 2.5″ SSDs for large memory capacity. HYTE Y60 can support ITX, ATX, mATX or EATX motherboard. The power supply section is up to 235mm long, which supports most standard power supplies. For GPU compatibility, the HYTE Y60 can take up to 375mm in size and 75mm in height, but they recommend 60mm or less for the best cooling capacity for the most premium cooling offering. Regarding cooling, the HYTE Y60 case can support between 120mm on the side, top and rear of the case, with a maximum of 360mm with a thickness of 28mm on the top and 280mm with a thickness of 150 mm on the side.

Cable placement is never an issue with HYTE, and their mission is to deliver superior cooling capacity and cord control with their constructions. The majority of cables are placed near the rear panel of the case, and the company provides users with enough space and cable length to reach all essential components with minimal hassle.

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For $199.99, the HYTE Y60 case is a great option for those who like to show off their builds. Transparent panels provide so much viewing area that RGB or innovative cooling designs can shine through while providing excellent coverage to limit dust and accidental damage. The tempered glass panels feel thick, but when putting the panels on and taking them off, there were a couple of times I was worried about dropping them, so I made sure I had plenty of padding around of the case as I looked at the various parts of the case. We are unable to test this system with full specs, such as motherboard, GPU and other crucial components, so we will probably come back to it in the future to offer another look at the fantastic second offering from HYTE with much fuller details.

From March 15, 2022, the HYTE Y60 will be available for purchase, and at the time of writing, the white chassis option is not available, but the black and red variants are and will ship on April 18, 2022 It will be available on the HYTE official website and partner sellers soon.


For HYTE’s second offering in PC cases, the Y60 focuses on the internal display of aggressive PC builds, while maintaining the company’s focus on fantastic cooling and cable management, which seem to be two areas that are a necessity for consumers of all types.


Design & Aesthetics9



  • – Foolproof
  • – Offers wide viewing of internal components much better than most PC cases on the market.
  • – At low price

The inconvenients

  • – Tempered glass display cases should be handled with care and not stacked on top of each other.
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