Hillsborough School Board election results for 2021

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ – Polling stations are now closed for the 2021 school board election and the votes are being counted in a rocky Hillsborough Township School Board election.

There are six candidates vying for the two three-year seats, including two candidates in writing.

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Looking at the candidates, there are no incumbents vying for this year’s school board election.

Albanian, 46, is coming to the school board “to improve transparency between the administration, the school board, teachers and community taxpayers. I would also like to allow not only students but teachers to have a voice and to be heard. I also make a point of making parents heard, regardless of whether their problem is good or bad. I would also like to review policies and procedures to make sure they are being followed or policies need to be updated or changed. I know this is a thankless job but I am ready to listen, act and guide those who need it. I also believe that taking programs away from children to make them all equal is detrimental to the development of children and young adults. Read Albanese’s full profile here: Jason Albanese: Hillsborough School Board candidate

Laning-Beder, 45, was “inspired to run for a seat on the Hillsborough Township School Board to advocate for improved mental health services for students, especially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.” I hope to use my classroom experience, my training as an educator and my experience as a parent to help improve our schools and advocate for new mental health resources to support our students, faculty and staff then. that they are grappling with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. ” Read Laning-Beder’s full profile here: Allison Laning-Beder: Hillsborough School Board Candidate

Golas, 46, says he is running for office “because I want to be a 100% transparent voice for the people of Hillsborough”. Read Golas’ full profile here: Krzysztof ‘Chris’ Golas: Hillsborough School Board candidate

Jackson is a candidate for the school board because she believes “in having a diverse and fair representation of community stakeholders on the board.” Parents can offer a valuable perspective on their children’s educational experiences, educating their children to help them grow into healthy and successful adults. , and the economic challenges of funding the best possible district resources for their children. ” Read Jackson’s full profile here: Elaine Jackson: Hillsborough School Board Candidate

Gaber Baylis says she has been following Hillsborough School Board for about a decade and is “passionate about providing a higher education for our students as well as favorable working conditions for them, teachers and staff.” public informed of BOE meetings and notable changes and events. Finally, the three starters who could have run this year decided not to run, the original fifth candidate withdrew her name from the race, and I think my experience and general knowledge would be beneficial to the neighborhood. ” Read Gaber-Baylis’ full profile here: Licia Gaber-Baylis: candidate for enrollment in Hillsborough school board

Game said he was running for school board because “as a parent of two school-aged children, having a well-run and successful school system was an immediate concern to me. When we moved from Tennessee to New Jersey just before our older child started kindergarten, we were very happy that our children were in a state with top notch schools. In Nashville, we had seen what could happen in a poorly supported school system, and we didn’t don’t want that to happen here. for the school board, I can play a role in maintaining the excellence of the schools in Hillsborough. ” Read Gamse’s full profile here: Joshua Gamse: Hillsborough School Board Enrollment Candidate

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