Hidden Figures of Design: lights as designer jewelry

The road to the future

Another example of a successful project is the Crystal Face illuminated grille, which can be ordered by buyers of the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV electric car. “The idea was born in our design workshop, and we gradually developed it in cooperation with our innovation incubator until it reached a form where we can clearly tell it was a feasible and affordable solution ”, explains Petr Nevřela, the author of the design for this unique grille. In this regard, ŠKODA is among the pioneers of one of the trends that automotive lighting designers believe is coming in the near future. “Light will play an increasingly important role in car design, and the trend will be to light the front and rear of the car,” says Petr.

Sketch of Crystal Face, the symbol of the ENYAQ iV model

The different elements must be combined in a harmonious way. This has been done perfectly in the case of the ENYAQ iV, according to Martin Paclt. “Petr did the Crystal Face, and I worked on the headlights, which we managed to imbue with the character of the glass,” Martin explains. The headlights of the car have a stylized arrow inside, which looks great both day and night. Petr Nevřela points out that the headlights of the latest generation from ŠKODA FABIA also have the crystal-clear design. “We have also successfully applied our distinctive design language to this base model,” says Petr, adding that the complete switch to LED technology has made this possible.

ENYAQ_HEADLAMP_SKETCH Sketch of the headlight of the Å KODA ENYAQ iV with the stylized internal arrow

It is the dominant trend in lighting technology today. “Lights as functional jewelry will also become a means of communication in the future,” says Petr. This will be especially true in the age of self-driving cars, which will communicate with their surroundings – for example, with pedestrians – via advanced front lighting zones. “High-end LED lights will look more like specific screens with huge light output,” says Petr. One day, designers will therefore have to address the possibilities of individualization and communication in addition to the design of lights and the light signature. Å KODA’s lighting design team is therefore looking to a future that not so long ago was science fiction.

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