Framingham Man Mounts Writing Campaign for School Committee

FRAMINGHAM, MA – The Framingham School Board races in 2021 are almost set in stone.

Framingham School Board written candidate Scott Hayes.

© Courtesy of Scott Hayes
Framingham School Board written candidate Scott Hayes.

The nine candidates run without opposition, including two newcomers who will replace outgoing members Geoffrey Epstein and Scott Wadland.


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But in the District 9 race, where incumbent William Labarge is running for his second term, writing candidate Scott Hayes is hoping to win the seat. Labarge said he wanted a second term continue to work on issues such as COVID-19 safety and maintain programs like preschool.

Hayes has partly focused his campaign on advocating for the district’s mask mandate to be lifted. He wrote on his Facebook campaign page in August that he was “not for mask or vaccination warrants,” but in a September article he criticized Superintendent Robert Tremblay and the school committee for “having refused to make vaccines a mandate for employees ”. He also questioned the usefulness of renaming Harmony Grove Elementary.

Framingham Patch asked Hayes to answer a few questions about his candidacy in 2021, including why he didn’t apply to get his name on the ballot.

Tell voters about yourself and why you want to serve on the school committee. Include some details about your education.

if I want to be part of the school committee it is because I have seen too much time and money wasted without educating our children to be successful in the real world. I want to sit on the District 9 committee because this is where I have lived for 4 years and I believe it is the most neglected district in education equity in the city.

I grew up in Brookline Public Schools in Brookline Ma, graduated in South Portland Maine, and immediately entered the military. I served for 11 years and then returned home to Massachusetts. I signed up and passed the EMT and Paramedic courses, using my GI Bill, then taught EMT for a while and worked for a Texas based company.

Why did you not submit your application to contest the holder?

I had been on the fence for months. Then one August evening, at a school committee meeting, I had reached my point of view on what I could look at and not act on. Covid had taken over education and we as a city failed our children miserably with distance learning and no one was following the real science which was clear that schools could be opened and done in all security.

Registered candidates generally don’t perform well in elections, so how are you reaching voters this year?

How can I reach the voters? Via New Balance. I walked the streets and knocked on doors. I put my money where my mouth is. I said I was going to do this. I know it’s a tough battle, but I like a good challenge. I have distributed stickers which can be used on the ballot along with my business card which lists all my information and directs you to my Facebook page. I have probably spoken to a hundred families in the district and many teachers in Harmony Grove who wish better for our school and our children.

What would you do differently from the incumbent?

I would do a lot of things differently from our current member William Labarge. First of all, I would be extremely active in the school. The military mentality, the feet on the ground provide the best knowledge of the situation. I held regular meetings with constituents and teachers to discuss the issues they face and do my best to help find solutions. Currently our member is not engaged with the public in our district. He doesn’t have a Facebook page, very few people know his name. My walk and my discussions with parents, children and teachers would not stop if I was elected. It’s part of my plan to fix the problems at Harmony Grove.

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